This is the MIB Module for Cable Spectrum Management for DOCSIS-compliant Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS). Spectrum management is a software/hardware feature provided in the CMTS so that the CMTS may sense both downstream and upstream plant impairments, report them to a management entity, and automatically mitigate them where possible. The CMTS directly senses upstream transmission errors.It may also indirectly monitor the condition of the plant by keeping a record of modem state changes. It is desireable to perform these functions without reducing throughput or latency and without creating additional packet overhead on the RF plant. The purpose of cable Spectrum Management is to prevent long term service interruptions caused by upstream noise events in the cable plant. It is also used for fault management and trouble shooting the cable network. When modems are detected to go on-line and off-line by flap detectors, the cable operators can look at the flap list and spectrum tables to determine the possible causes.

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2006-10-10 00:00
1. Added spectrum group global configuration table as ccsSpecGroupFreqTable. 2. Added ccsUpInSpecGroupTable and ccsUpInFiberNodeTable to populate all cable upstream interfaces in each spectrum group and fiber-node. 3. Added ccsUpSpecMgmtSpecGroup and ccsUpSpecMgmtSharedSpectrum into ccsUpSpecMgmtTable to populate spectrum group configuration and topology information for each upstream. 4. Included 0 as part of ccsUpSpecMgmtHopPeriod. 5. Changed the SYNTAX of ccsUpSpecMgmtFromCenterFreq and ccsUpSpecMgmtToCenterFreq from CCSFrequency to Unsigned32 (0 | 5000..65000). 6. Changed the SYNTAX of ccsUpSpecMgmtFromBandWidth and ccsUpSpecMgmtToBandWidth from CCSFrequency to Unsigned32 (200 | 400 | 800 | 1600 | 3200 | 6400). 7. Increased ccsUpSpecMgmtFecUnCorrectThres2 range to 30. Included 0 as part of it. 8. Updated the description for ccsUpSpecMgmtHopPeriod, ccsUpSpecMgmtMissedMaintMsgThres, ccsUpSpecMgmtFromCenterFreq, ccsUpSpecMgmtToCenterFreq, and ccsUpSpecMgmtFecUnCorrectThres2.
2004-09-05 00:00
1. Included 0 as part of ccsUpSpecMgmtSnrThres, ccsUpSpecMgmtCnrThres, ccsUpSpecMgmtFecCorrectThres, ccsUpSpecMgmtFecUnCorrectThres ranges. 2. Increased ccsUpSpecMgmtFecCorrectThres and ccsUpSpecMgmtFecUnCorrectThres range to 30
2004-07-14 00:00
1. Modified ccsUpSpecMgmtSNR's description to reflect its name since there's a new object defined for CNR. 2. Added ccsUpSpecMgmtCnrThres1, ccsUpSpecMgmtCnrThres1, ccsUpSpecMgmtCNR, ccsUpSpecMgmtMissedMaintMsgThres, ccsUpSpecMgmtHopPeriod, ccsUpSpecMgmtCriteria. 3. Deprecated ccsUpSpecMgmtFecCorrectThres2 4. Deprecated ccsUpSpecMgmtHopCondition and replaced it with ccsUpSpecMgmtCriteria. 5. Deprecated ccsHoppingNotification and replaced it with ccsSpecMgmtNotification.
2004-03-02 00:00
1. Modified description for ccsFlapListMaxSize and ccsFlapListCurrentSize. 2. Implement ccsCmFlapTable using downstream, upstream and Mac as indices to replace ccsFlapTable. 3. Modified description for ccsSNRRequestTable. 4. Added ccsUpSpecMgmtUpperBoundFreq. 5. Added ccsCompliance5.
2003-06-18 00:00
1. Changed range of CCSFrequency and CCSMeasuredFrequency TEXTUAL-CONVENTION to support Euro-DOCSIS and J-DOCSIS.
2002-06-10 00:00
1. Changed range for ccsUpSpecMgmtFecCorrectThres1, ccsUpSpecMgmtFecCorrectThres2, ccsUpSpecMgmtFecUnCorrectThres1, ccsUpSpecMgmtFecUnCorrectThres2 and ccsUpSpecMgmtSnrThres2. 2. Changed modemOffline(1) enumeration to stationMaintainenceMiss. 3. Added ccsUpSpecMgmtGroupRev1 to ccsCompliance4.
2001-02-01 00:00
1. Added new objects ccsFlapMissThreshold, ccsFlapPowerAdjustThreshold, ccsFlapResetAll, ccsFlapClearAll and ccsFlapLastClearTime. 2. Added new objects ccsFlapInsertionFailNum, ccsFlapHitNum, ccsFlapMissNum, ccsFlapCrcErrorNum, ccsFlapPowerAdjustmentNum, ccsFlapTotalNum, ccsFlapResetNow, ccsFlapLastResetTime into ccsFlapTable.
2000-08-18 00:00
1. Removed ccsSNRRequestUpperFreq and ccsSNRRequestLowFreq from ccsSNRRequestTable. 2. Changed ccsSNRRequestSNR from Unsigned32 to Integer32. 3. Modified description for ccsHoppingNotification. 4. Changed ccsSpectrumRequestResolution to Khz.
2000-04-24 00:00
Added new object groups: 1. ccsSpectrumObjects to provide spectrum information 2. ccsConfigObjects to support spectrum management functions.