This module defines configuration extensions for some of the IETF RMON MIBs. The following terms are used throughout this MIB: A SPAN session is an association of one or more destination(s) with a set of source(s), along with other parameters, to specify the network traffic to be monitored. Each SPAN session is denoted by an unique number. The term 'remote SPAN', also called 'RSPAN', refers to the analysis of network traffic remotely, from destination port(s) for one or more source ports, distributed in one or more switches in a switched network, through a RSPAN VLAN.

MIB content (81 objects)


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2005-05-02 00:00
Add crcSpanSessionDescr and value 'localTx' to portCopySessionType.
2005-01-24 00:00
Add MIB group crcSpanDstPermitListGroup.
2004-02-04 00:00
Updated crcERSpanSessionType.
2004-02-03 00:00
Add the following MIB objects: crcSpanSessionNo, crcSpanSessionType, crcSpanSessionEnabled, crcERSpanSessionNo, crcERSpanSessionType, crcERSpanSessionDescr, crcERSpanEncapID, crcERSpanIpType, crcERSpanIp, crcSrcERSpanIpTTL, crcSrcERSpanDscpOrPrec, crcSrcERSpanIpPrec, crcSrcERSpanIpDscp, crcERSpanIpVRF, crcSrcERSpanLoVlanMask, crcSrcERSpanHiVlanMask, crcSrcERSpanOrigIpType, crcSrcERSpanOrigIp, crcDstERSpanOption, crcERSpanSessionRowStatus, crcERSpanIFIndex, crcERSpanIFDirection, crcERSpanIFRowStatus.
2003-04-29 00:00
Added the portCopyInpktVlan MIB object. Add the following bit definitions to the existing MIB object portCopyOption: unicastDisable, broadcastDisable, goodDisable, badDisable.
2002-10-08 00:00
Added rmonMaxAlarms and rmonAlarmEnable.
2001-04-01 00:00
Add the portCopyReflectorPort MIB object
2001-02-22 00:00
Add the following MIB objects: portCopyDestLoVlanMask, portCopyDestHiVlanMask, portCopyOption, portCopySessionNo, portCopySessionType, portCopyRemoveSrc, portCopyMaxIngressSessions, portCopyMinEgressSessions.
1998-12-01 00:00
Updated the portCopyXTable; portCopyDirection moved to SMON standard, and multiple VLANs per source port now supported.