This document contains the Management information base for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection(BFD) Protocol as defined in draft-ietf-bfd-base-06.txt. BFD is a protocol intended to detect faults in the bidirectional path between two forwarding engines, including interfaces, data link(s), and to the extent possible the forwarding engines themselves, with potentially very low latency. It operates independently of media, data protocols, and routing protocols. This MIB module is based on the Internet Draft draft-ietf-bfd-mib-03.txt and draft-ietf-bfd-mib-04.txt

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Zafar Ali Cisco Systems, Inc. Email: A S Kiran Koushik Cisco Systems, Inc. Email: Nobo Akiya Cisco Systems, G.K. Email:


2011-04-16 00:00
[Revision added by libsmi due to a LAST-UPDATED clause.]
2011-03-14 00:00
Modify value for 'ciscoBfdSessRemoteDiscr' and 'CiscoBfdInterval' to allow value 0 to conform to latest draft, draft-ietf-bfd-mib-10.txt.
2010-02-18 00:00
Modify value for ciscoBfdDiag textual convention to conform to latest draft-ietf-bfd-mib-07.txt
2008-04-24 00:00
Revised version includes support for draft-ietf-bfd-mib-03.txt and draft-ietf-bfd-mib-04.txt. In addition to small description changes made throughout this MIB, following changes are made: * ciscoBfdObjects.ciscoBfdSessTable.ciscoBfdSessEntry - ciscoBfdSessState : failing state added - ciscoBfdSessVersionNumber : new object added - ciscoBfdSessType : new object added - ciscoBfdSessInterface : new object added * ciscoBfdObjects - ciscoBfdSessDiscMapTable : new table added - ciscoBfdSessIpMapTable : new table added * ciscoBfdComformance - ciscoBfdSessGroup : object group deprecated - ciscoBfdSess03Group : new object group added - ciscoBfdSess04Group : new object group added - ciscoBfdSess0304Group : new object group added * ciscoBfdCompliances - ciscoBfdModuleFullCompliance : module compliance deprecated - ciscoBfdModuleFullComplianceRev2 : new module compliance added
2007-06-04 00:00
Initial version based on draft-ietf-bfd-mib-03.txt