This MIB module manages the charging related function on the GGSN node of a GPRS system. The following diagram illustrates a simplified GPRS logical architecture with the interface name denotations: +==+ +===+ +====+ +====+ +===+ |MS|-----|BSS|-----|SGSN|---Gn---|GGSN|---Gi---|PDN| +==+ +===+ +====+ +====+ +===+ \ / Ga Ga \ +==+ / |CG| +==+ Charging information in GPRS is collected for each MS by SGSNs and GGSNs that are serving that MS. The GGSN collects charging information for each MS based on both external data network usage and the GPRS network resources. Acronyms and terms: BSS Base Station System CCA Credit Control Answer CDR Call Detail Record CID Charging Identification CG Charging Gateway CGF Charging Gateway Functionality DCCA Diameter Credit Control Application ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute Ga Name of the interface between SGSN/GGSN and CG Gi Name of the interface between GGSN and PDN Gn Name of the interface between GGSN and SGSN G-CDR Gateway GPRS Support Node-Call Detail Record GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node GPRS General Packet Radio Service GSM Global System for Mobile communication GTP GPRS Tunneling Protocol GTP' GTP enchanced for charging IE Information Element MS Mobile Station PDN Packet Data Network PDP Packet Data Protocol SGSN Serving GPRS support Node TOS Type of Service. PSD Persistance Storage Device. PTC Packet Transfer Command.

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2006-08-18 00:00
- Deprecated following objects cgprsCgProfileMapNum, cgprsCgProfileContentPostValTime. - Added following objects cgprsCgProfileMapNumber, cgprsCgProfileContentPostValidityTime. - Deprecated following groups and compliance cgprsCgMIBConfigGroupR60, cgprsCgMIBConfigGroupRev3, cgprsCgComplianceRev5. - Added following group, compliance cgprsCgMIBConfigGroupRev4, cgprsCgMIBExtConfigGroup. cgprsCgComplianceRev6.
2006-04-04 19:00
Added following objects in cgprsCgProfileTable: cgprsCgProfileContentPostQosChange, cgprsCgProfileContentPostSgsnChange, cgprsCgProfileContentPostRatChange, cgprsCgProfileContentPostPlmnChange, cgprsCgProfileStorageType Changed the DEFVAL of cgprsCgCdrOptionDynamicAddr, cgprsCgCdrOptionNip, cgprsCgCdrOptionPdpType and cgprsCgCdrOptionPdpAddress from 'false' to 'true'. Added following objects in ciscoGprsChargingConfig: cgprsCgServiceRecordIncludeRat, cgprsCgServiceRecordIncludePlmn Changed the DEFVAL of the following objects: cgprsCgProfileCategory, cgprsCgContainerTimeLimit.
2005-09-16 18:00
Added cgprsCgCdrOptionServiceRecord, cgprsCgPartialCdrGenEnableAll, cgprsCgCdrOptionApn, cgprsCgCdrOptionVirtualApn, cgprsCgCdrOptionApnSelMode, cgprsCgCdrOptionDynamicAddr, cgprsCgCdrOptionNip, cgprsCgCdrOptionPdpAddress, cgprsCgCdrOptionPdpType, cgprsCgCdrOptionSerMsisdn, cgprsCgCdrOptionSgsnPlmn cgprsCgCdrOptionCamelCharInfo, cgprsCgCdrOptionImeisv, cgprsCgCdrOptionMsTimeZone, cgprsCgCdrOptionRatType, cgprsCgCdrOptionUserLocInfo to ciscoGprsChargingConfig. Added cgprsCgProfileCdrSuppressPrepaid, cgprsCgProfileContentDccaProfile, cgprsCgProfileContentPostTime, cgprsCgProfileContentPostValTime, cgprsCgProfileContentPostVolume, cgprsCgProfileContentRulebaseId to cgprsCgProfileTable. Added cgprsCgTotalServiceRecords to ciscoGprsChargingStats.
2004-07-26 02:00
Modified the description for cgprsCgProfileDurLimit and cgprsCgProfileVolumeLimit.
2004-03-22 03:00
Added cgprsCgContainerTimeLimit, cgprsCgProfileTable, cgprsCgProfileMapTable, cgprsCgServiceMode, cgprsCgChargingCharReject, cgprsCgPartialCdrGenEnable cgprsCgSwitchOverPriority, cgprsCgCharSelectionMode, cgprsCgReconnect, cgprsCgPtcEnable, cgprsCgPtcPossiblyDupEnable to ciscoGprsChargingConfig. Updated cgprsCgRelease. Added cgprsCgGatewaySwitchoverNotif, cgprsCgInServiceModeNotif, cgprsCgMaitenanceModeNotif to ciscoGprsCharNotifs. Added cgprsCgActiveChgGatewayAddrType, cgprsCgActiveChgGatewayAddress, cgprsCgOldChgGatewayAddress to ciscoGprsChargingStatus. Obsoleted cgprsCgCdrNonPrimaryEnable.
2002-11-11 17:00
Added cgprsCgRelease, cgprsCgGtpShortHeaderEnable and cgprsCgTransFormNumRespEnable to ciscoGprsChargingConfig. Deprecated cgprsCgCdrNonPrimaryEnable.
2002-06-05 10:00
Added cgprsCgCdrSgsnChangeLimit to ciscoGprsChargingConfig. Deprecated cgprsCgSgsnChangeLimit. Added cgprsCgAlarmHistLatestIndex to ciscoGprsChargingAlarms. Updated DEFVAL of cgprsCgConditionLimit. Added cgprsCgAlarmChargingDisabled, cgprsCgAlarmChargingEnabled to CgprsCgAlarmType. Enums for cgprsCgClearCdrPartialCdr have been modified to comply with the standards.
2001-12-04 12:00
Added the objects cgprsCgPartialCdrTrigger, cgprsCgSgsnChangeLimit, cgprsCgTotalCdrOpened cgprsCgTotalContainer.
2001-09-18 16:00
Added an object cgprsCgChargeForRoamersOnly. Added cgprsCgMIBNotifGroup to MODULE-COMPLIANCE. Added range for cgprsCgCdrAggreLimit, cgprsCgPathRequest. Changed the syntax of cgprsCgTransInterval from TimeInterval to Unsigned32. Moreover changed its default value from 10500 to 105. Changed the syntax of cgprsCgServerSwitchTimeout from TimeInterval to Unsigned32. Moreover changed its default value from 6000 to 60. Changed the range of cgprsCgN3BufferSize from <100 - 1480> to <300 - 1460> and its default value has been changed from 1480 to 1460. Changed the syntax of cgprsCgAlarmHistSeverity from INTEGER to CiscoAlarmSeverity. Changed the syntax from IpAddress to InetAddress for the objects cgprsCgGatewayAddr and cgprsCgAlarmHistAddress. Changed the description for cgprsCgGatewayRowStatus. Replaced the object: - cgprsCgGatewayType with cgprsCgGatewayIndex. - cgprsCgGatewayOperState with cgprsCgOperStatus. - cgprsCgGatewayAdminState with cgprsCgLinkState. Removed the object cgprsCgAlarmHistStatus and the textual convention CgprsCgAlarmStatus.
2000-09-21 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.