The MIB module to describe ATM cell layer objects and statistics of a physical line.

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2002-06-28 00:00
1. Added following objects to caclStatsTable, as upper 32-bits for 64-bit wide counters: caclHighInRcvCLP0Cells, caclHighInRcvCLP1Cells, caclHighInValidOAMCells, caclHighInVpiVciErrCells, caclHighInXmtCLP0Cells, caclHighInXmtCLP1Cells, caclHighInHecErrDiscCells, caclHighInHecErrCorrectedCells, caclHighOutXmtCLP0Cells, caclHighOutXmtCLP1Cells, caclHighOutValidOAMCells, caclHighOutRcvCLP0Cells, caclHighOutRcvCLP1Cells. 2. Added caclXStatsTable which contains 64-bits wide counters. 3. Added following objects to caclIntervalStatsTable, as upper 32-bits for 64-bit wide counters: caclHighIntervalInRcvCLP0Cells, caclHighIntervalInRcvCLP1Cells, caclHighIntervalInVpiVciErrCells, caclHighIntervalInXmtCLP0Cells, caclHighIntervalInXmtCLP1Cells, caclHighIntervalInHecErrDiscCells, caclHighIntervalInHecErrCorrCells, caclHighIntervalOutXmtCLP0Cells, caclHighIntervalOutXmtCLP1Cells, caclHighIntervalOutVpiVciErrCells, caclHighIntervalOutRcvCLP0Cells, caclHighIntervalOutRcvCLP1Cells. 4. Added caclXIntervalStatsTable which contains 64-bits wide counters. 5. Changed IMPORT for Unsigned32 to SNMPv2-SMI, instead of CISCO-TC.
2000-05-02 00:00
Changes made to this MIB module are as follows (1) Added interval statistic table. (2) Corrected some of the typographical errors in description of certain published objects.
1999-05-03 00:00
The initial version of this MIB module.