A string of data detailing one Activity Log entry's attribute. It contains states of both calling the Support Center and FTP/TFTP Server. A PENDING indicates that the system is preparing for the event to be called home by collecting data about the systems state. A SUCCESS state indicates that the problem was successfully transmitted to the Support Center or FTP/TFTP Server. A DISABLED state indicates that Service Advisor has disabled calling the Support Center or FTP/TFTP Server while the hardware event is detected. A NOT SENT state indicates that the serviceable event was not sent to prevent the same event from being sent repeatedly. The FAILED state indicates that the attempt to transmit the event information was not successful. Additional information may be found in the Event Log. The service number is similar to a ticket number that can be used as a reference to the issue reported by the machine when contacting the Support Center. The event ID, event source, date and time are all information from the original entry in the event log. The acknowledged as corrected field is a reminder to certain events to indicate their awareness of the issue. For consistent results, view as a table and not as individual entries.


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