Number in 30 second intervals the remote XCC will wait between completion of POST and the end of loading the OS. If this interval is exceeded, the XCC will generate a Loader Timeout alert(if enabled) and automatically restart the system one time. Once the system is restarted, the Loader Timeout is automatically disabled until the operating system is shutdown and the server is power cycled.


Access Type
readonly disabled(0), oneHalfMinutes(1), oneMinutes(2), oneAndHalfMinutes(3), twoMinutes(4), twoAndHalfMinutes(5), threeMinutes(6), threeAndHalfMinutes(7), fourMinutes(8), fourAndHalfMinutes(9), fiveMinutes(10), sevenAndHalfMinutes(15), tenMinutes(20), fifteenMinutes(30), twentyMinutes(40), thirtyMinutes(60), oneHour(120), twoHours(240)

Parent serverTimers