The MM contains a Version 2.0 LDAP Client that may be configured to provide user authentication through one or more LDAP servers. The LDAP server(s) to be used for authentication can be discovered dynamically or manually pre-configured. If the usePreConfiguredLDAPServers option is selected, up to 3 LDAP servers can be configured. Simply enter the server's IP address or hostname (assuming DNS is enabled). The port number for each server is optional. If left blank, the default value of 389 is used for non-secured LDAP connections. For secured connections, the default is 636. At least one server must be configured. If the useDNSToFindLDAPServers is selected, the mechanisms described by RFC2782 (A DNS RR for specifying the location of services) are applied to find the server(s). This is known as DNS SRV.


Access Type
readonly usePreConfiguredLDAPServers(0), useDNSToFindLDAPServers(1)

Parent ldapClientCfg