Display XCC clock Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) offset and Daylight Saving Time(DST) settings. The following table lists GMT offsets and associated DST information. DST is not observed in time zones where the 'Observe DST' value does not contain 'yes' in the table. Also, note that in some cases additional information is required to determine the clock adjustment when DST is observed. Examples -If the GMT offset is +3:30, the value is:'+3:30,no' -For Eastern Standard Time and observing DST, the value is:'-5:00,yes' -For Turkey and observing DST, the value is:'+2:00,yes,3' GMT Observe Additional Offset DST? DST value ______ _______ __________ GMT+0 yes | no GMT+1 yes | no GMT+2 yes | no When 'Observe DST?' value is 'yes': '1' Europe/Eastern Europe (ee) '4' Asia/Beirut (bei) '5' Asia/Amman (amm) '6' Asia/Jerusalem (jem) GMT+3 yes | no GMT+3:30 no GMT+4 no GMT+4:30 no GMT+5 no GMT+5:30 no GMT+5:45 no GMT+6 yes | no GMT+6:30 no GMT+7 yes | no GMT+8 no GMT+9 no GMT+9:30 yes | no GMT+10 yes | no GMT+11 no GMT+12 yes | no GMT+13 no GMT-12 no GMT-11 yes | no GMT-10 no GMT-9 yes | no GMT-8 yes | no GMT-7 yes | no When 'Observe DST?' value is 'yes': '7' US/Mountain (mtn) '8' America/Mazatlan (maz) GMT-6 yes | no When 'Observe DST?' value is 'yes': '9' America/Mexico City (mex) '10' Canada/Central (cna) GMT-5 yes | no When 'Observe DST?' value is 'yes': '11' Cuba (cub) '12' ena(Eastern North America) GMT-4 yes | no When 'Observe DST?' value is 'yes': '13' America/Asuncion (asu) '14' America/Cuiaba (cui) '15' America/Santiago (san) '16' Canada/Atlantic (cat) GMT-3:30 no GMT-3 yes | no When 'Observe DST?' value is 'yes': '17' America/Godthab (gtb) '19' Brazil/East (bre) GMT-2 no GMT-1 yes | no


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