The Port Access Entity module for managing IEEE 802.1X.

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IEEE 802.1 Working Group
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2004-06-22 00:00
IEEE Std. 802.1X-2004 revision: - In the MODULE-IDENTITY value assignment changed .iso(1). to .iso.; - Clarified original references to 802.1X-2001; - Added references to 802.1X-2004; - Added restart(10) to dot1xAuthPaeState; - Added ignore(8) to dot1xAuthBackendAuthState; - Deprecated dot1xAuthTxPeriod, dot1xSuppTimeout, dotxAuthMaxReq, all of dot1xAuthDiagTable, dot1xSuppEapolRespIdFramesTx, dot1xSuppEapolRespFramesTx, dot1xSuppEapolReqIdFramesRx, dot1xSuppEapolReqFramesRx; - Added restart(8), sForceAuth(9) and sForceUnauth(10) to dot1xSuppPaeState; - Added dot1xSuppControlledPortStatus; - Added dot1xSuppAccessCtrlWithAuth; - Added dot1xSuppBackendState; - Bug fix to add dot1xPaePortReauthenticate and dot1xAuthSessionUserName to the appropriate conformance groups; - Updated conformance groups for new and deprecated objects; - Deprecated dot1xPaeCompliance; - Added dot1xPaeCompliance2.
2001-01-16 00:00
IEEE Std. 802.1X-2001 initial version.