The MIB module for the management of the Virtual Storage Networks (VSANs) within the frame work of Cisco's VSAN Architecture. This MIB enables the users to configure and monitor VSAN parameters.

MIB content (65 objects)


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2006-02-06 00:00
Enhanced the description of vsanInterOperValue object.
2005-12-07 00:00
Added new object group vsanGroupRev3 to contain vsanFcFeElementName object-type. Added new compliance vsanMIBCompliance7 to include new compliance group vsanGroupRev3. Updated comments section for vsanFcFeElementName.
2005-10-07 00:00
Added new notification vsanPortMembershipChange for port-vsan changes for interfaces. Added new compliance vsanMIBCompliance6 to include new compliance group vsanNotificationGroupRev1.
2005-06-07 00:00
Extended the vsanMembershipSummaryTable to contain not just static assignments but also dynamic assignments. Added new compliance vsanMIBCompliance5 to include new compliance group vsanMembershipSummaryGroupRev1.
2004-02-18 00:00
Added two new objects vsanInorderDelivery and vsanNetworkDropLatency to vsanTable. Added a new compliance statement vsanMIBCompliance4.
2003-12-02 00:00
Added a conformance for the range of vsanInterOperValue. Added a new table 'vsanFcTimerTable', to configure FC timer values for VSANs.
2003-05-07 00:00
Deprecated vsanInterOperMode object which is superceded by a new object vsanInterOperValue. Added new compliance statement vsanMIBCompliance1.
2003-04-23 00:00
Added a new table vsanMembershipSummaryTable.
2002-12-18 00:00
Use CiscoMilliSeconds instead MilliSeconds from CISCO-TC.
2002-11-04 00:00
Changed the MIB descriptors fcSwitchLatency and fcNetworkLatency to fcSwitchDropLatency and fcNetworkDropLatency respectively. MAX-ACCESS for fcSwitchLatency is changed to read-write.
2002-09-23 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.