Acronyms and Definitions The following acronyms and terms are used in this document: IPSec: Secure IP Protocol VPN: Virtual Private Network LAN: Local Area Network Group: A collection of VPN license usage users grouped and managed together as a single entity for administrative convenience. SVC: SSL VPN Client LicServer: Multi-site shared License server. LicBkpServer: Multi-site shared License Backup server. LicClient: Multi-site shared License client. Overview of the MIB This is a MIB Module for monitoring licenses in Virtual Private Networks. The MIB seeks to create a common model of VPN License Usage across different VPN implementations. The MIB defines counters and objects of interest to usage/message monitoring in a way which is independent of which VPN technology is requested. MIB contains four major groups of objects which are used to get VPN License Usage information a) VPN Lic device type This section defines if the device is acting as a server, backupserver, client(participant) in a shared license system. b) VPN License Server Usage group This section defines total network license usage information and also server information as well along with backup server address. service. c) VPN License Backup server Usage group This section defines backup license server information in detail, along with statistics of hello, sync and update messages from server. d) VPN License client Usage group This section defines license usage information by this client. along with statistics about registration, get request,release request and transfer request.

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