The MIB module for VPDN. Overview of VPDN MIB MIB description This MIB is to support the Virtual Private Dialup Network (VPDN) feature of Cisco IOS. VPDN handles the forwarding of PPP links from an Internet Provider (ISP) to a Home Gateway. The VPDN MIB provides the operational information on Cisco's VPDN tunnelling implementation. The following entities are managed: 1) Global VPDN information 2) VPDN tunnel information 3) VPDN tunnel's user information 4) Failure history per user The following example configuration shows how the VPDN MIB returns VPDN information, from either CISCO A - Network Access Server (NAS) or CISCO B - Tunnel Server (TS). The User call is projected by either domain name or Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS). The terms NAS and TS are generic terms refering to the VPDN systems. The following table shows the corresponding technology-specific terms. Network Access Server Tunnel Server ------------------------------ ------------------------- L2F Network Access Server (NAS) Home Gateway (HGW) L2TP L2TP Access Concentrator (LAC) L2TP Network Server (LNS) PPTP PPTP Access Concentrator (PAC) PPTP Network Server (PNS) (NAS) (TS) User ===== Cisco A ===== IP Network ===== Cisco B ===== Server | | +========== VPDN ==========+ 1) The VPDN global entry identifies the system wide VPDN information. 2) The VPDN tunnel table identifies the active VPDN tunnels on Cisco A and Cisco B. The table contains an entry for each active tunnel on the system. 3) The VPDN tunnel user table identifies the active users for each active tunnel on each system and provides relevant information for each user. 4) The VPDN failure history table identifies the last failure recorded per user and provides relevant information.

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2009-06-16 00:00
[Revision added by libsmi due to a LAST-UPDATED clause.]
2006-01-20 00:00
Obsoleted the following deprecated L2F specific objects. These set of objects have been replaced by the corresponding multi-protocol objects since 1999-03-24. Obsoleted Objects Existing replacements ================= ===================== cvpdnTunnelTotal cvpdnSystemTable cvpdnSessionTotal cvpdnSystemTable cvpdnDeniedUsersTotal cvpdnSystemTable cvpdnTunnelTable cvpdnTunnelAttrTable cvpdnTunnelSessionTable cvpdnSessionAttrTable Deprecated the following objects and added corresponding InetAddressType/InetAddress compliant counterparts: Deprecated Objects Added Replacements ================== ================== cvpdnTunnelAttrLocalIpAddress cvpdnTunnelAttrLocalInetAddressType cvpdnTunnelAttrLocalInetAddress cvpdnTunnelAttrSourceIpAddress cvpdnTunnelAttrSourceInetAddressType cvpdnTunnelAttrSourceInetAddress cvpdnTunnelAttrRemoteIpAddress cvpdnTunnelAttrRemoteInetAddressType cvpdnTunnelAttrRemoteInetAddress cvpdnUnameToFailHistSourceIp cvpdnUnameToFailHistSourceInetType cvpdnUnameToFailHistSourceInetAddr cvpdnUnameToFailHistDestIp cvpdnUnameToFailHistDestInetType cvpdnUnameToFailHistDestInetAddr Added two new values, 'pwUp' and 'pwDown', for the existing object cvpdnNotifSessionEvent to support pseudowire status change event reporting.
2004-06-08 00:00
Deprecated the cvpdnBundleEndpointType object since it's values did not align with the PPP protocol. This object was replaced by cvpdnBundleEndpointClass.
2004-04-02 00:00
Added support for Multilink PPP VPDN information. Modified the cvpdnSessionAttrTable to add objects that specify the multilink PPP bundle to which a session belongs. Added scalar objects to hold the total number of multilink PPP bundles comprised of one, two, and more than two links. Added the cvpdnBundleTable that describes the PPP multilink bundle. Added the cvpdnChildBundleTable to expose the containment relationship between the multilink PPP bundle and the VPDN tunnel.
2002-07-08 00:00
Added support for VPDN Template information. The template table reports the number of active sessions for each template. This number is the sum of active sessions for all VPDN groups associated with each template.
2002-05-17 00:00
Changed cvpdnSessionAttrVirtualCircuitID to an Unsigned32 object. Also, moved Unsigned32 import to SNMPv2-SMI.
2002-04-02 00:00
Added virtual circuit ID, packets dropped, and notification objects for WAN/IP support.
2000-01-12 00:00
Added support for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). Changed object descriptions to use generic terms.
1999-03-24 00:00
Added support for multiple tunnel protocols with these tables 1) cvpdnSystemTable 2) cvpdnTunnelAttrTable 3) cvpdnTunnelSessionAttrTable Deprecated objects and tables duplicated by the three new tables 1) cvpdnTunnelTotal, cvpdnSessionTotal, cvpdnDeniedUsersTotal 2) cvpdnTunnelTable 3) cvpdnTunnelSessionTable
1997-07-15 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.