This MIB module enhances the IETF Dial Control MIB (RFC2128) by providing management of voice telephony peers on both a circuit-switched telephony network, and an IP data network. *** ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS AND SYMBOLS *** GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication AMR-NB - Adaptive Multi Rate - Narrow Band iLBC - internet Low Bitrate Codec KPML - Key Press Markup Language MGCP - Media Gateway Control Protocol. SIP - Session Initiation Protocol. H323 - One of the voip signalling protocol. SCCP - Skinny Client Control Protocol. dialpeer - This represents a configured interface that carries the dial map. A dialpeer maps the called and calling numbers with the port or IP interface to be used. License call capacity - This represents the licensed maximum call capacity of the gateway. iSAC - Internet Speech Audio Codec

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2010-07-26 00:00
[1] Modified MAX-ACCESS for cvVoIPPeerCfgFrameSize from read-only to read-write. [2] Added a call reference ID to associate the video call entry and voice call entry of the same endpoint.
2009-05-07 00:00
[1] Added Abbreviation for iSAC [2] Added the following objects to cvVoIPPeerCfgTable for iSAC codec support. - cvVoIPPeerCfgCodingMode - cvVoIPPeerCfgBitRate - cvVoIPPeerCfgFramesize [3] Added a new OBJECT-GROUP cvdcVoIPCfgISACGroup. [4] Added a new MODULE-COMPLIANCE cvdcMIBComplianceRev19 which deprecates cvdcMIBComplianceRev18.
2009-04-20 00:00
The following changes have been made. [1] Added new CvCallConnectionType TEXTUAL-CONVENTION. [2] Added the following new OBJECT IDENTIFIERs: cvCallVolume, cvCallRateMonitor [3] Added the following objects to cvCallVolume: cvCallVolConnTable, cvCallVolConnTotalActiveConnections, cvCallVolConnMaxCallConnectionLicenese, cvCallVolPeerTable, cvCallVolIfTable. [4] Added the following objects to new cvCallVolConnTable: cvCallVolConnIndex, cvCallVolConnActiveConnection. [5] Added the following objects to new cvCallVolPeerTable: cvCallVolPeerIncomingCalls, cvCallVolPeerOutgoingCalls. [6] Added the following objects to new cvCallVolIfTable: cvCallVolMediaIncomingCalls, cvCallVolMediaOutgoingCalls. [7] Added the following objects to cvCallRateMonitor: cvCallRateMonitorEnable, cvCallRateMonitorTime, cvCallRate, cvCallRateHiWaterMark. [8] Add the following OBJECT-GROUPs: cvCallVolumeGroup, cvCallRateMonitorGroup. [9] Deprecated MODULE-COMPLIANCE cvdcMIBComplianceRev17. [10] Added MODULE-COMPLIANCE cvdcMIBComplianceRev18.
2009-01-12 00:00
The following changes have been made. [1] The descriptions of the following objects have been modified to replace the term 'call identifier' with 'connection identifier'. cvCallActiveConnectionId cvVoIPCallActiveConnectionId cvCallHistoryConnectionId cvVoIPCallHistoryConnectionId. [2] The object cvCallActiveCallId has been added to cvCallActiveTable. [3] The object cvVoIPCallActiveCallId has been added to cvVoIPCallActiveTable. [4] The object cvCallHistoryCallId has been added to cvCallHistoryTable. [5] The object cvVoIPCallHistoryCallId has been added to cvVoIPCallHistoryTable. [6] 'sipKpml' has been added to the object cvVoIPPeerCfgDigitRelay. [7] Added following OBJECT-GROUPs cvCallGroupSup1, cvVoIPCallGroupSup1 [8] Deprecated MODULE-COMPLIANCE cvdcMIBComplianceRev16 and is superceded by cvdcMIBComplianceRev17.
2006-03-12 00:00
[1] Added Abbreviations for GSM, AMR-NB and iLBC [2] Added cvVoIPPeerCfgCoderMode object to cvVoIPPeerCfgTable for iLBC codec support. [3] Added cvVoIPCallActiveCoderMode object to cvVoIPCallActiveTable for iLBC codec support. [4] Added cvVoIPCallHistoryCoderMode object to cvVoIPCallHistoryTable for iLBC codec support. [5] Created CvIlbcFrameMode textual convention. [6] Added REFERENCE clause to all new MIB objects and textual conventions added. [7] Created cvVoIPCallIlbcGroup and cvdcVoIPCfgIlbcGroup groups for iLBC specific objects. [8] Created module-compliance cvdcMIBComplianceRev16 and made cvVoIPCallIlbcGroup and cvdcVoIPCfgIlbcGroup as non mandatory. [9] Changed the default value for cvVoIPPeerCfgBitRates to all 8 bitrates as all 8 bitrates are supported.
2005-09-29 00:00
Modified DESCRIPTION of cvPeerCfgPeerType object.
2005-07-25 00:00
[1] Add new objects to cvVoIPCallActiveTable and cvVoIPCallHistoryTable for GSM AMR-NB codec support: Frame type, Bit rates, Mode change period, Mode change neighbor, Max payload time, CRC, Robust sorting, Encapsulation, Payload time channels, for call active and history table. [2] Add new objects to cvVoIPPeerCfgTable for GSM AMR-NB codec support: Frame type, Bit rates and CRC. [3] Created groups cvVoIPCallAmrNbGroup and cvdcVoIPCfgAmrNbGroup, for GSM AMR-NB specific objects. [4] Created a module-compliance cvdcMIBComplianceRev13 and made cvVoIPCallAmrNbGroup and cvdcVoIPCfgAmrNbGroup as non mandatory. [5] Created following textual conventions: CvAmrNbBitRateMode and CvAmrNbRtpEncap.
2005-03-02 00:00
The following values were added to the cvVoicePeerCfgEchoCancellerTest object: echoCancellerG168Test5, echoCancellerG168Test7
2005-03-01 00:00
Modified DESCRIPTION of cvVoIPCallHistoryFallbackLoss object.
2004-04-30 00:00
Added object Added cvVoIPCallHistoryRemSigIPAddrT and cvVoIPCallHistoryRemSigIPAddr to the cvdcFallbackNotification .
2004-04-16 00:00
Added object cvVoIPCallHistoryFallbackIcpif, cvVoIPCallHistoryFallbackLoss and cvVoIPCallHistoryFallbackDelay to the cvVoIPCallHistoryTable. Added cvdcFallbackNotification for the fallback notification. Added cvGeneralFallbackNotificationEnable to enable/disable cvdcFallbackNotification.
2004-03-09 00:00
Added new objects for handling the following features: [1] The number of DS0s with voice calls up. cvCallActiveDS0s [2] The threshold number of DS0s above which a Notification will be triggered. cvCallActiveDS0sHighThreshold [3] The threshold number of DS0s below which a Notification will be triggered. cvCallActiveDS0sLowThreshold [4] Objects to enable the above two notifications. cvCallActiveDS0sHighNotifyEnable, cvCallActiveDS0sLowNotifyEnable. [5] Notifications for the above two thresholds. cvdcActiveDS0sHighNotification, cvdcActiveDS0sLowNotification.
2004-01-20 00:00
Added object cvVoIPCallActiveSRTPEnable to cvVoIPCallActiveTable and cvVoIPCallHistorySRTPEnable to cvVoIPCallHistoryTable to indicate whether SRTP is enabled on a call.
2003-06-26 00:00
Modified the DEVAL definition of cvVoIPPeerCfgDigitRelay object based on no bit field was enabled when the object was created.
2003-04-14 00:00
The DESCRIPTION of the following objects was modified to specify the allowable characters cvPeerCommonCfgSourceTrunkGrpLabel cvPeerCommonCfgTargetTrunkGrpLabel cvPeerCommonCfgSourceCarrierId cvPeerCommonCfgTargetCarrierId.
2002-12-31 00:00
The following values were added to the cvVoicePeerCfgEchoCancellerTest object: echoCancellerG168Test4, echoCancellerG168Test6, echoCancellerG168Test9
2002-12-02 00:00
The range of the following objects was changed: cvCallActiveNoiseLevel cvCallActiveACOMLevel cvCallActiveOutSignalLevel cvCallActiveInSignalLevel cvVoIPCallHistoryIcpif
2002-10-31 00:00
Add object cvVoIPPeerCfgMediaSetting to the table. This object defines whether IP-IP media streams will flow-through or flow-around the Gateway. Add two new objects cvVoIPPeerCfgDesiredQoSVideo and cvVoIPPeerCfgMinAcceptableQoSVideo to the table cvVoIPPeerCfgTable. Also added objects cvCallActiveAccountCode and cvCallHistoryAccountCode. Depreciating element cvCallActiveERLLevel Adding New element cvCallActiveERLLevelRev1 Adding New type sipNotify in cvVoIPPeerCfgDigitRelay Adding New element cvVoIPPeerCfgRedirectip2ip in CvVoIPPeerCfgEntry
2002-07-12 00:00
* Add a new cvPeerCfgPeerType object to define the peer type * Added rtpNte, a new value for the cvVoIPPeerCfgDigitRelay object.
2001-08-20 00:00
Addition of the following objects: cvVoIPCallActiveUsername cvVoIPCallActiveProtocolCallId cvVoIPCallActiveRemSigIPAddrT cvVoIPCallActiveRemSigIPAddr cvVoIPCallActiveRemSigPort cvVoIPCallActiveRemMediaIPAddrT cvVoIPCallActiveRemMediaIPAddr cvVoIPCallActiveRemMediaPort cvVoIPCallHistoryUsername cvVoIPCallHistoryProtocolCallId cvVoIPCallHistoryRemSigIPAddrT cvVoIPCallHistoryRemSigIPAddr cvVoIPCallHistoryRemSigPort cvVoIPCallHistoryRemMediaIPAddrT cvVoIPCallHistoryRemMediaIPAddr cvVoIPCallHistoryRemMediaPort cvdcPoorQoVNotificationRev1 Deprecation of the following objects: cvVoIPCallActiveRemoteIPAddress cvVoIPCallActiveRemoteUDPPort cvVoIPCallHistoryRemoteIPAddress cvVoIPCallHistoryRemoteUDPPort cvdcPoorQoVNotification
2001-07-02 00:00
Add two new objects cvPeerCommonCfgSourceTrunkGrpLabel and cvPeerCommonCfgTargetTrunkGrpLabel.
2001-04-10 00:00
[1] Add a new object for handling the following feature: Location in milliseconds of largest amplitude reflector detected by echo canceller in call active table. Add new object for specifying an echo canceller test to to be run when a call using a dial peer so configured is connected. [2] Change QosService import from INT-SERV-MIB to INTEGRATED-SERVICES-MIB, since INTEGRATED-SERVICES-MIB (RFC2213) is where QosService is defined.
2001-03-25 00:00
Add two new objects cvPeerCommonCfgSourceCarrierId and cvPeerCommonCfgTargetCarrierId. Add a enum definition to cvVoIPPeerCfgSessionTarget object.
2000-05-04 00:00
Add new objects for handling the following features: [1] Calling Name display for call active and history table. [2] Caller ID Block, which indicates whether the Caller ID feature is in using, for call active and history table.
2000-04-19 00:00
Changed VoIP dialpeer default values for Icpif to 20 ExpectFactor to 0
2000-03-13 00:00
Adding a new object cvPeerCommonCfgDnisMappingName.
1999-06-28 00:00
Moved common Textual Conventions and the following items in the VoIP Call Active and Call History tables to the CISCO-VOICE-COMMON-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB, as these items apply to multiple network encapsulations. CoderTypeRate VADEnable Added new objects for handling the following features: [1] Gatekeeper registration configuration for voice peer destination pattern. [2] Dialpeer huntstop configuration. [3] Voip configuration support for Coder Bytes, Fax Bytes, settlement server and inband signaling. Added the following objects to the cvdcPoorQoVNotification. cvVoIPCallHistoryRemoteIPAddress, cCallHistoryCallOrigin, cvCommonDcCallHistoryCoderTypeRate
1999-01-29 00:00
Add new enums in cvVoIPPeerCfgDigitRelay object for handling the transmission of dtmf digits across an H.245 channel via the signal and alphanumeric fields.
1998-09-11 00:00
Add new objects for handling the following features: [1] FAX page count for call active and history table. [2] Peer Preference for peer configuration. [3] Add FAX rate 12000 bps, G723.1 Annex A codec support. [4] Technology prefix for VoIP encapsulated peer configuration. [5] Modify cvCallActiveACOMLeve, cvCallActiveERLLevel and cvCallHistoryACOMLevel to support undeterminable state. [6] Add digit relay configuration feature.
1998-02-22 00:00
Add new objects for handling the following: [1] DNIS number matching. [2] Maximum connection to/from peer. [3] DID call treatment enable/disable. [4] Dial peer association to lower layer interfaces with CAS group. [5] Lost/Ealy/Late voice packets object in both call active and call history tables. [6] Update compliance statements.