This MIB module provides connectivity related information for devices (e.g., 'connectivity between voice gateway, phones, gatekeepers and call processing agent'). The MIB can be used by network management applications to collect the information regarding voice connectivity among the devices in the network. The MIB can also be used to retrieve the status of voice connectivity between the devices. *** ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, AND SYMBOLS *** SCCP - Skinny Client Control Protocol SGCP - Simple Gateway Control Protocol MGCP - Media Gateway Control Protocol H323 - H.323 protocol SIP - Session Initiation Protocol *** DEFINITIONS *** CALL AGENT A call processing agent component of a device in IP telephony and VoIP network. PORT A port on the device that is associated with call processing agent. REGISTRATION In an IP telephony network, there are typically keep- alive messages or expected registration refresh timers that are used to formulate the registration status of devices and/or users. Possible values of the registration status are as follows: registered: The port has successfully registered with the call agent unregistered: The port is no longer registered with the call agent rejected: Registration request from the port was rejected by the call agent.

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