The MIB module for the management of the VLAN Membership within the frame work of Cisco VLAN Architecture, v 2.0 by Keith McCloghrie. The MIB provides information on VLAN Membership Policy Servers used by a device and VLAN membership assignments of non-trunk bridge ports of the device.

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2004-04-07 00:00
Change the SYNTAX of vmMembershipSummaryMember2kPorts from PortList to CiscoPortList.
2003-10-10 00:00
Add vmVoiceVlanCdpVerifyEnable to support the feature of voice VLANs' detection through CDP packets.
2003-06-05 00:00
Deprecate vmMembershipSummaryMemberPorts and define vmMembershipSummaryMember2kPorts to support up to 2k bridge ports.
2002-03-28 00:00
Add vmVoiceVlanTable to support VVID feature
2001-05-01 00:00
Import VlanIndex from CISCO-VTP-MIB
2001-01-30 00:00
Corrected description of vmVmpsReconfirmResult
2000-01-06 00:00
Added 4k VLAN support
1999-01-18 00:00
Add vmNotificationsEnabled. Add support for multi-vlan ports. Other minor edits.
1996-12-06 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.