The MIB module contain the RUDP session parameter. The relationship between session set, session group and RUDP session is that: For fault tolerant case each session set contains two groups. Each group connects to one MGC(Media Gateway Controller), One active, one standby. If one MGC fails, the other MGC will inform the session mamager to switch over. If the set configuration is non-fault tolerant, each set contains one group. Each session group contains upto four RUDP sessions. Session set is explicitly created first, then session group can be created in this set. After session group is created, session can be created in the group. For deletion, session has to be deleted first. However, the last session can not be deleted if there is still LAPD(Link Access Procedure on the D-channel) entry. A group can only be deleted if there is no more session in it. Session set will be deleted when the last group in the set has been deleted.

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2004-02-26 00:00
Update descriptions in the MIB.
2003-07-17 00:00
Initial version of the MIB. The content of this MIB was originally available in SMIv1 version. The MIB has been converted to SMIv2 version and descriptions of some of the objects have been modified.