The MIB module for Third Party Copy(TPC): Third Party Copy derives its name from the fact that there are three entities involved in the process of copying data either for backup operations or restore operations. The three entities: - entity originating the copy commands - data source for the copy - data destination for the copy. The entity originating the copy commands to perform the data transfer can use the SCSI Extended Copy (XCOPY). The TPC feature exposes a disk target with Logical Unit Number(LUN) 0 that is capable of processing the SCSI Extended Copy Command (XCOPY) to transfer data from a specified source to a specified destination. On receiving the XCOPY command, the TPC target performs the actual data transfer from the data source to the data destination on behalf of the entity issuing the XCOPY command. The MIB provides an interface to configure the TPC targets. The user specifies the module and the VSAN on which the TPC feature needs to be configured. Once the feature has been configured target ports are created on the specified module and VSAN that are XCOPY capable. Any application that can source a XCOPY command can use these targets to perform data movement. Acronyms The following acronyms are used in this document: XCOPY: SCSI Extended Copy Command. TPC: Third Party Copy. LUN: Logical Unit Number. VSAN: Virtual Storage Area Network.

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