This module defines textual conventions used throughout cisco enterprise mibs.

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2006-07-06 00:00
Added the following enums to IfOperStatusReason: - elpFailureAllZeroPeerWWNRcvd, - preferredPathIsolation.
2006-04-13 00:00
Added enumeration to IfOperStatusReason from 113-131 ('dpvmVsanSuspended' to 'domainOther').
2005-06-24 00:00
Added CvE164Address textual convention.
2005-06-16 00:00
Added following textual conventions: CiscoURLString CiscoHTTPResponseStatusCode EntLogicalIndexOrZero.
2004-10-11 00:00
Added IfOperStatusReason textual convention.
2004-06-08 00:00
Added CiscoPortListRange textual convention.
2004-04-14 00:00
Added CiscoPortList textual convention. Removed Unsigned32 textual convention.
2002-12-18 00:00
Changed MilliSeconds TC to CiscoMilliSeconds as it was overlapping with the one in a standard MIB.
2002-12-12 16:00
Added the 'http' enumeration to CiscoNetworkProtocol.
2002-12-02 00:00
Added Unsigned64 textual convention.
2002-09-22 00:00
Added ListIndex, ListIndexOrZero, TimeIntervalSec, TimeintervalMin, MicroSeconds and MicroSeconds TC from Andiamo's TC MIB .
2002-09-17 00:00
Added ConfigIterator & BulkConfigResult textual convention for bulk provisioning. Added CountryCodeITU textual convention for ITU-T defined country codes for non-standard facilities.
2002-04-16 00:00
Added PerfHighIntervalCount TEXTUAL-CONVENTION.
2001-07-07 00:00
Added enumerations to CiscoNetworkProtocol
2001-01-18 00:00
Added CiscoAlarmSeverity textual convention. Changed SAPType display hint to d. Changed INTEGER to Integer32 in CiscoPort and CiscoIpProtocol TCs. Changed SnmpAdminString to OCTET STRING in CiscoLocationSpecifier. Removed IMPORTs for ciscoProducts and SnmpAdminString.
2000-11-21 00:00
Added CiscoLocationClass, CiscoLocationSpecifier CiscoInetAddressMask, CiscoAbsZeroBasedCounter32, CiscoSnapShotAbsCounter32 textual conventions.
1998-10-28 00:00
Added CiscoRowOperStatus, EntPhysicalIndexOrZero, Port and IpProtocol textual conventions.
1997-03-13 00:00
Added SAPType, CountryCode textual convention.
1996-08-14 00:00
Added InterfaceIndexOrZero textual convention.
1996-07-08 00:00
Added new CiscoNetworkProtocol enumerations.
1996-02-22 00:00
Added Unsigned32 textual conventions.
1995-06-07 00:00
Miscellaneous updates/corrections, including making CiscoNetworkProtocol enumerations contiguous.