The MIB module to describe SONET/SDH interfaces objects. This is an extension to the standard SONET MIB(RFC 2558).

MIB content (111 objects)


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2003-03-07 00:00
(1) Added enumerations e3(8) and vtStructured(9) in object cspSonetPathPayload. (2) Added table csAu4Tug3Config to configure the VC(Virtual Container) related properties of a TUG-3 within a AU-4 paths.
2002-06-14 00:00
(1)Added following objects to cspConfigTable: cspTributaryMappingType cspSignallingTransportMode cspTributaryGroupingType (2)Added an optional ciscoSonetPathConfMIBGroup1 for the above objects.
2002-05-22 00:00
(1) Added cspConfigTable which augments sonetPathCurrentTable. (2) Added the Notifications - ciscoSonetSectionStatusChange, ciscoSonetLineStatusChange, ciscoSonetPathStatusChange, ciscoSonetVTStatusChange and the object - csNotificationsEnabled. (3) Changed the Module-Compliance and made ciscoSonetStatsMIBGroup and ciscoSonetApsMIBGroup1 groups as optional
2001-10-17 00:00
(1) Added CsApsLineFailureCode, CsApsLineFailureStatus, and CsApsLineSwitchReason TEXTUAL-CONVENTION. (2) Added csApsSwitchReason, csApsFailureStatus, and csApsPrimarySection columnar objects to CsApsConfigEntry. (3) Added csApsModeMismatch enumeration to CsApsLineFailureCode. (4) Added csApsNoSwitch enumeration to CsApsLineSwitchReason. (5) Changed descriptions for csApsWorkingIndex, and csApsProtectionIndex specifically related to ITU G.783 AnnexB protocol support. (6) Add objects csConfigRDIVType and csConfigRDIPType in table csConfigTable. (7) Add enum sonetSts3(9) for obj csConfigType. (8) Add table csVTConfigTable augmenting the table csConfigTable. The table csVTVonfigTable contains the following objects: csTributaryType csTributaryMappingType csTributaryFramingType csSignallingTransportMode csTributaryGroupingType
2000-07-12 00:00
Made following changes (1) Added enumeration csApsNone(3) to csApsActiveLine object and updated the description. (2) Added enumerations sonetSts192c(7) and sonetStm64(8) to csConfigType object and updated the descripton. (3) Fixed description of csConfigType object.
1999-03-08 00:00
Initial version of the MIB.