The extended MIB for managing Server Load Balancing Manager(s). This MIB extends the SLB management functionality in the CISCO-SLB-MIB. The Cisco Content Switching Module (CSM) product is the first SLB product to support this MIB. SLB: Server Load Balancing. Server load balancing provides for the balancing of packets and connections arriving at the SLB device across a number of other devices, such as real servers, firewalls, or caches. A system containing an SLB device typically exhibits higher performance, scalability, and reliability than any of the devices being load balanced. An SLB device determines how to handle incoming frames and connections according to the contents of incoming data and various configuration options. In determining how to handle incoming data, an SLB device may examine the data at any OSI layer, including Layer 7. This MIB includes instrumentation for the manager-side implementation of the Dynamic Feedback Protocol (DFP). A DFP manager uses the DFP protocol to communicate with DFP agents in order to obtain information about the current load and available capacity of devices. Acronyms and terms: SLB Server Load Balancing VIP Virtual Server IP address NAT Network Address Translation SF Serverfarm FT Fault Tolerance SSL Secure Sockets Layer TLS Transport Layer Security

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2008-03-13 00:00
- Added mib object cslbxServerFarmState to cslbxServerFarmTable - Added cslbxServerFarmStatsTable - Added OBJECT-GROUP cslbxServerFarmStatsGroup - Deprecated OBJECT-GROUP cslbxServerFarmsExtGroup - Added OBJECT-GROUP cslbxServerFarmsExtGroupRev1 - Deprecated MODULE-COMPLIANCE cslbxMIBComplianceRev2 - Added MODULE-COMPLIANCE cslbxMIBComplianceRev3.
2006-01-20 00:00
- Following TEXTUAL CONVENTIONS are modified: SlbStickyType : New enums(value 5-7) added. SlbFunctionNameString : Size change from 0..31 to 0..255 - Following tables are moved to CISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB cslbxProbeCfgTable cslbxDnsProbeIpTable cslbxProbeHeaderCfgTable cslbxProbeExpectStatusCfgTable - SlbProbeType TEXTUAL-CONVENTION is moved to CISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB - Added UNITS clause for the following objects cslbxServerFarmInbandResetTimer cslbxHttpReturnCodeResetTimer cslbxHttpReturnCodeResetTimer cslbxVirtualPendingTimer cslbxFtHeartBeatTimer - Added following objects in cslbxServerFarmTable cslbxServerFarmTransparent cslbxServerFarmSlowStart cslbxServerFarmHashHeaderName cslbxServerFarmHashCookieName cslbxServerFarmUrlPatternBegin cslbxServerFarmUrlPatternEnd cslbxServerFarmDescription cslbxServerFarmType - Added following objects in CslbxStatsTable cslbxStatsL4PolicyHCConns cslbxStatsL7PolicyHCConns cslbxStatsDroppedL4PolicyHCConns cslbxStatsDroppedL7PolicyHCConns cslbxStatsNoMatchPolicyHCRejects cslbxStatsNoCfgPolicyHCRejects cslbxStatsAclDenyHCRejects cslbxStatsVerMismatchHCRejects - defined following tables. cslbxSfarmHttpReturnCodeTable.
2005-02-24 10:00
Additional definition to support new SLB features: - Add new objects into cslbxPolicyTable and cslbxVirtualServerTable to support Backup Server feature. - Add new cslbxScriptFileTable, cslbxScriptTaskTable and new objects into cslbxProbeCfgTable to support Scripted Probe feature. - Add new cslbxOwnerTalbe and new object into cslbVirtualServerTable to support Owner feature. - Add new objects into cslbxRuleTable to support the packet counters per SLB policy. - Add new objects into cslbxXmlConfigTable to support additional user access control for the XML server. - Add new objects into cslbxVirtualServerTable and cslbxPolicyTable to support the Reverse Sticky configuration. - Add new object cslbxProbePort to support configuration of service port for a Probe entry. - Add new object cslbxHttpExpressionRequestMethod to support configuration of HTTP request method matching. - Add new object cslbxVirtualMaxConns and cslbxVirtualFlowMode into cslbxVirtualServerTable to support additional flow control for a Virtual Server.
2002-08-19 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module. It is an extension to SLB MIB for Layer 7 policy load balancing features.