This MIB reports the status of non-automatic and automatic, rate-adaptive Single Event Upset (SEU) mitigation algorithms and adjusts their parameters, as well as reports the effects of those mitigations on memories, caches, and registers. SEU mitigation allows Cisco IOS to run on radiation tolerant hardware deployed in a geosynchronous Earth orbit satellites for IP communications. One of the challenges in deploying equipment in such an environment is the impact that radiation has on digital circuits. A Single Event Upset (SEU) occurs when the hardware is exposed to energetic ions and protons in the space environment. The value stored in a bit of information can change when a large enough charge is deposited on the digital circuit. This leads to adverse effects in the operation of the software; in this case Cisco IOS. While steps have been taken to reduce the occurrence of SEUs through the use of radiation tolerant hardware, these steps do not eliminate the threat. A critical requirement in running IOS on such platforms is the utilization of SEU mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of such events on the operation of the Cisco device. GLOSSARY SEU : Acronym for 'Single Event Upset' : A hardware disruption caused when hardware is exposed to energetic ions and protons. scrub : An algorithm that periodically refreshes memory, cache or register contents by various means.

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