Acronyms and Terms: SAA - Service Assurance Agent APM - Application Performance Monitoring A MIB for controlling SAA APM. APM provides a framework for running scripts, written in TCL language, which help emulate the data flows of an application. Through this emulation, the performance of an application across a network can be computed. The parameters required to perform an operation are defined in a 'config file' as defined by saaApmCtrlScriptCfgURL. This MIB has three OBJECT group. 'saaApmAppl' group contains global objects while 'saaApmCtrl' group contains the objects to control the APM operation. Controlling includes creation and deletion of the operation and initiating a result-transfer for the operation. 'saaApmOper' group contains objects to get the statistics of the operation.

MIB content (30 objects)


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2000-10-10 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.