This MIB provides configuration control and status for the Redundancy Framework (RF) subsystem. RF provides a mechanism for logical redundancy of software functionality and is designed to support 1:1 redundancy on processor cards. RF is not intended to solve all redundancy schemes. Nor is RF designed to support redundant hardware, such as power supplies. Redundancy is concerned with the duplication of data elements and software functions to provide an alternative in case of failure. It is a key component to meeting 99.999% availability requirements for Class 5 carrier solutions. In the scope of this MIB definition, peer software elements are redundant and redundant software elements are peers.

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2005-09-01 00:00
Added a new textual convention : RFClientStatus. Added the cRFStatusRFClientTable which contains information about all the clients registered with the Redundancy Facility (RF).
2004-04-01 00:00
Added the new states, systemReset, loadVersionSwitchover and runVersionSwitchover. The unset state has been removed and the init state will represent the absense of the ISSU process. Updated the object cRFStatusIssuState to cRFStatusIssuStateRev1 as the ISSU states have been revised. Added new object, cRFStatusIssuFromVersion and cRFStatusIssuToVersion which represent the from and the to versions of IOS that are involved in the upgrade process. The object ciscoRFIssuStateObjGroup was changed to ciscoRFIssuStateObjGroupRev1 to accomodate these new objects.
2004-02-04 00:00
Added ciscoRFIssuStateNotifGroup and ciscoRFIssuStateObjGroup that represent the notification group and the object group that represents the ISSU state of the system.
2003-10-02 00:00
Changed the description for ciscoRFProgressionNotif
2002-01-07 00:00
Added the following object in cRFStatus: cRFStatusRFModeCapsTable Added the following object in cRFCfg: cRFCfgRedundancyOperMode Updated description of following object in cRFCfg: cRFCfgRedundancyMode
2001-07-20 00:00
Added new sub-group cRFHistory Added new table cRFHistorySwitchOverTable which maintains the history of switchovers. Also added objects: cRFStatusFailoverTime cRFStatusPeerStandByEntryTime cRFHistoryTableMaxLength cRFHistoryColdStarts cRFHistoryStandByAvailTime Added textual convention: RFUnitIdentifier.
2001-06-26 00:00
Changed terminology: 'split-mode' is now 'maintenance-mode' Added textual convention: RFMode Deprecated object: cRFCfgSplitMode Added objects: cRFCfgMaintenanceMode cRFCfgRedundancyMode cRFCfgRedundancyModeDescr Added enumeration values: noAction(0) to RFAction activeExtraload(15) to RFState activeHandback(16) to RFState Added new transition state to ciscoRFProgressionNotif: activeExtraload Update compliance and conformance statements
2001-04-03 09:45
The initial revision of this MIB.