This MIB module defines objects that describe IGMP/MLD snooping. It provides remote network management system the ability to manage the IGMP/MLD Snooping feature when snooping is operating at the system and port level. Virtual systems and related ports data can be accessed by NMS using appropriate SNMP context. E.g. in order to access data related to a particular L2VPN bridge domain system, the user shall specify on the SNMP request the SNMP context related to that particular bridge domain. Glossary of terms: GMI - Group Management Interval; it controls when the IGMP/MLD snooping expires stale group membership states. L2VPN - Layer 2 Virtual Private Network. IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol. MLD - Multicast Listener Discovery. MRT - Max Response Time. TTL - Time To Live. PIM - Protocol Independent Multicast. TCN - Topology Change Notification. Querier - External IGMP/MLD router sending out queries which are flooded in the system (e.g a bridge domain). Internal Querier - Virtual Querier that solicits periodic membership reports by sending IGMP/MLD general queries out of all system ports. Winner/Looser Querier - A system can only have one active querier at a time, if the internal querier receives queries from another querier it performs querier election, the lowest IP address wins. G-Query - General IGMP/MLD Query. Solicitation - a global leave message with a NULL group multicast address, when the upstream router receives this solicitation, it immediately issues an general query.

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