The MIB module to configure the resource partition on service modules(cards) supported in MGX82xx and MGX88xx products. This MIB is supported in following Service Modules: AUSM (ATM UNI Service Module) CESM (Circuit Emulation Service Module) FRSM (Frame Relay Service Module) VISM (Voice Interworking Service Module) PXM1 (Processor Switch Module) Terminlogies used: LCN : Logical Connection Number. GLCN : Global LCN. Controller - Software ( and possibly hardware) which manages topology and network resources. This performs source routing for ent-to-end SVCs, including general call acceptance GCAC, setup calls with other controllers. PNNI and MPLS are examples for the Controller.

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2003-04-18 00:00
Initial version of the MIB. The content of this MIB was originally available in CISCO-WAN-AXIPOP-MIB defined using SMIv1. The applicable objects from CISCO-WAN-AXIPOP-MIB are defined using SMIv2 in this MIB. Also the descriptions of some of the objects have been modified.