This MIB is used to support MGC(call agent) and MGC Group configuration. The MGC or MGC group configuration is performed under a specific gateway(cmgwIndex). The call agent is an external element (outside of gateway) with call control intelligence to control call connection in gateway. The protocols used for communication between voice gateway and call agent included SGCP, MGCP, ... Multiple IP addresses can be associated with one call agent. An MGC group is a logical grouping of several MGCs into one group. MGC redundancy is used to support multi call agent for one gateway. With MGC redundancy, a voice gateway can send gateway-initiated-commands to the next MGC in the MGC group if it fails to receive response from any IP address(es) associated to the current MGC. To use MGC redundancy in gateway: Step 1: add individual entry (in any order) for profile MGC Step 2: make association between the entries 1 IP with MGC 2 MGC with MGC group 1/2 protocol with MGC group 3 MGC group with profile or MGC group with gateway Only if a MGC group at least is associated with one profile or gateway, then the MGC group can be used, otherwise the MGC group is useless. To delete the following entries, it is needed to do de-association first: profile MGC When do de-association, the order is opposite to that of association.

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