This MIB module defines objects that describe the Media Delivery Index (MDI). The MDI [RFC4445] measurement describes the quality indicator of a network intended to delivery applications such as streaming media, MPEG video, VoIP, or other information sensitive to arrival time and packet loss. GLOSSARY ============ Delay Factor - the maximum observed value of the flow rate imbalance over a measurement interval. DF - Delay Factor. Flow Monitor - a hardware or software entity that classifies traffic flows, collects flow data, and periodically computes flow metrics. Flow Metric - a measurement that reflects the quality of a traffic flow. Measurement Interval - the length of time over which a flow monitor collects data related to a traffic flow, after which the flow monitor computes flow metrics using the collected data. Media Loss Rate - the number of lost or out-of-order packets over a measurement interval. Media Rate - the effective bit rate of the media content carried by a traffic flow. MLR - Media Loss Rate. MR - Media Rate. Traffic Flow - a unidirectional stream of packets conforming to a classifier. For example, packets having a particular source IP address, destination IP address, protocol type, source port number, and destination port number. VB - Virtual Buffer. Virtual Buffer - a virtual buffer is a construct used to simulate a real buffer used by a media application for the purpose of storing media packets until the application can render their content. REFERENCES ============== [RFC4445] J. Welch and J. Clark, 'A Proposed Media Delivery Index (MDI)', RFC-4445, April 2006.

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2009-11-02 00:00
Added the objects cfmMdiMetricsMdc, cfmMdiMetricsIntMdc. Modified the objects cfmMdiMetricsValid and cfmMdiMetricsIntValid with values to support the above object additions. Added cfmeMdiCumulativeMdc and cfmeMdiMdc to cfmMdiMonitoredElements.
2009-06-05 00:00
The initial version of the MIB module.