This MIB is intended to be implemented on all those devices operating as Central Controllers (CC) that terminate the Light Weight Access Point Protocol tunnel from Light-weight LWAPP Access Points. This MIB provides configuration and status information about the CCXv5 clients that the controller is aware of. This configuration and status information pertaining to the client is termed as Client Reporting. Client Reporting is a mechanism used by a client and AP for the purpose of exchanging client information. Once a client has associated with the network, the associated AP may send the client a Client Report Request frame at any time. This frame identifies what type of information is desired from the client. For all CCXv5 clients, client reporting is organized into 4 major categories: Client Profile Information Client Manufacturer Information Client Operational Parameter Information Client Capability Information Client Profile is for retrieving information about the configuration on the client. Manufacturer Information is for retreiving data about the wireless adaptor in use. Operating parameters is for retrieving the details of the clients current operational modes Client Capabilities is for retrieving information about the client's capabilities. This mib defines the attributes for all of the above 4 categories. GLOSSARY Light Weight Access Point Protocol ( LWAPP ) This is a generic protocol that defines the communication between the Access Points and the Central Controller. Mobile Node ( MN ) A roaming 802.11 wireless device in a wireless network associated with an access point. Mobile Node, Mobile Station(Ms) and client are used interchangeably. REFERENCE [1] Part 11 Wireless LAN Medium Access Control ( MAC ) and Physical Layer ( PHY ) Specifications. [2] Draft-obara-capwap-lwapp-00.txt, IETF Light Weight Access Point Protocol. [3] Cisco Compatible Extensions for WLAN Devices Version 5.0.11

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