This MIB module provides objects to view the features and services that are licensed to run on a system (usually a network entity), and an inventory of the licenses for these features and services. The inventory of the licenses is kept in a license pool which is a repository of the installed licenses. This MIB does not provide any object to facilitate the installation or addition of licenses in the license pool. The licenses are used to perform specific services, and are used by, but not limited to, the physical entities. The meaningful entities which can use licenses to perform specific services include: module(9), or chassis(3) as defined in RFC 2737. As an example, some of the services/features that can be licensed include (but not limited to) the following : - Single Service. Only one of: ATM, FR, or CES (Circuit Emulation Service). - Multi Service. More than one of: ATM, FR, or CES. - IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM). - MFR (Multilink Frame Relay). - Channelization. As an example of implementation, all licenses can be kept in the license pool owned by a chassis, while licenseable services are performed by service modules plugged into that chassis. In order to provide licenseable services/features, the service modules use/consume appropriate licenses from the license pool owned by the chassis.

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2004-01-31 00:00
Added following enums to LicenseType: multilink(10) ppp(11)
2003-06-06 00:00
Initial version of the mib module.