This MIB module is for layer 2 tunneling related configurations on a device. Tunneling allows separate local networks to be considered as a single VLAN. These separate networks are connected via an ISP, which will tunnel the packets from one network to another, making it appear as if the two networks are actually just one.

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2006-07-25 00:00
Modify the descriptions of cltcTunneledProtocolType and cltcTunnelShutdownThreshold.
2005-06-27 00:00
Add 'eoam(3)' to cltcTunneledProtocolType, 'eoam(5)' to cltcTunnelThresholdProtocolIndex and 'eoam(5)' to cltcTunneledProtocolIndex.
2004-06-09 00:00
Change the description for cltcTunnelThresholdProtocolIndex. Add the new groups cltcTunnelThresholdNotifsGroup and cltcNotifsEnableGroup.
2003-09-03 00:00
Add a new object cltcTunnelDropStats. Remove the restriction for enabling cltcDot1qTunnelMode from the description.
2002-05-31 10:00
Add SNMP support for 802.1q All Tagged (dot1q-all-tagged) Per Port feature. Dot1q-all-tagged feature is an enhancement to tag the packets on the native vlan to avoid any confusion in the ISP network, and to avoid vlan hopping when the native vlan for the trunk is as same as the vlan assigned for a customer. Before this enhancement, this feature can be enabled/disabled globally through the vlanTrunkPortsDot1qTag object in CISCO-VTP-MIB. With this enhacement, vlanTrunkPortsDot1qTag object in CISCO-VTP-MIB is deprecated and replaced by the dot1qAllTaggedEnabled object in this MIB. Additionally, dot1q-all-tag will be able to configure per port basis.
2002-02-14 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.