The MIB for Signaling Connection Control Part(SCCP) messages transported over Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) Network via Cisco IP Transfer Point. This MIB for provides information specified in ITU Q752 Monitoring and Measurements for Signalling System No. 7(SS7) Network. The Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP) is a hardware and software solution that transports SS7 traffic using IP. Each ITP node provides function similar to SS7 signaling point. The relevant ITU documents describing this technology is the ITU Q series, including ITU Q.700: Introduction to CCITT Signalling System No. 7 and ITU Q.701 Functional description of the message transfer part (MTP) of Signalling System No. 7. The IETF Working Group Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) has defined MTP3 User Adaptation (M3UA) and SCCP User Adaptation (SUA) protocols. The drafts can be found at: This MIB consists of the following tables: Concerned Point Code List Table Mated Application (MAP) Table Global Title Translation (GTT) Selector Table Global Title Address (GTA) Table Application Group Table Prefix Conversion Table

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2003-02-03 00:00
The ability to allow multiple instances of Signalling Points to run in the same device has introduce a new index structure. All objects in this MIB will be deprecated and replaced by objects in the MIB.
2002-04-02 00:00
Added the following objects: cItpSccpGttAppGrNumUsed cItpSccpGttGtaTTorSSNvalue Updated the following Textual Convention: CItpSccpGttRoutingInd Updated the description for following objects: cItpSccpGttGtaTTorSSN cItpSccpGttGtaRoutingInd.
2002-02-28 00:00
Added the following objects: CItpSccpGttPrefName cItpSccpPrefConfigLastChanged cItpSccpGttPrePrefConv cItpSccpGttPostPrefConv cItpSccpGttGtaAddrDispZB cItpSccpGttGtaAddrLenZB cItpSccpGttGtaAsName Added the following Tables: cItpSccpGttAppGrTable cItpSccpGttPrefTable Updated the following Textual Conventions: CItpSccpGttAppType CItpSccpGttGtaResType Deprecated the following objects: CItpSccpGttGtaAddrLen cItpSccpGttGtaAddrDisp cItpSccpGttGtaAddrLen Deprecated the following Tables: cItpSccpGttAppTable
2001-09-27 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.