The MIB for managing Signalling Points and its associated messages transported over Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) Network via Cisco IP Transfer Point. This MIB replaces the CISCO-ITP-SP-MIB and provide support multiple instances of a signalling point within same configuration. The Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP) is a hardware and software solution that transports SS7 traffic using IP. Each ITP node provides function similar to SS7 Signalling point. The relevant ITU documents describing this technology is the ITU Q series, including ITU Q.700: Introduction to CCITT Signalling System No. 7 and ITU Q.701 Functional description of the message transfer part (MTP) of Signalling System No. 7. This MIB models the GSP as follows: Abbreviations: AERM - Alignment Error Rate Monitor CLLI - Common-Language Location Identification DPC - Destination Point Code GSP - Gateway Signalling Point HSL - High Speed Link (ATM based) LLSC - link set control LSAC - Signalling link activity control LSDA - Signalling data link allocation LSLA - Signalling link activation LSLD - Signalling link deactivation LSLR - Signalling link restoration LSSU - Link Status Signal Unit LSTA - Signalling terminal allocation MTP - Message Transport Protocol MTP2 - Layer 2 of Message Transport Protocol MTP3 - Layer 3 of Message Transport Protocol NTT - The Japanese Nippon Telephone & Telegraph OPC - Originating Point Code PC - Point Code RTN - RouteTableName SCTP - Stream Transmission Protocol(RFC 2960) SIB - Status Indicator Busy SLT - Signalling Link Test SP - Signalling Point SS7 - System No. 7 (SS7) Network SUERM - Signal Unit Error Rate Monitor TCBC - Changeback control TCOC - Changeover control TCRC - Controlled rerouting control TFRC - Forced rerouting control TLAC - Link availability control TPRC - Signalling point restart control TRCC - Signalling route set congestion control TSFC - Signalling traffic flow control TSRC - Signalling routing control TTC - The Japanese Telecommunications Technology Committee

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2005-10-21 00:00
Added new set of enums (from timerMtp2T01 to timerMtp2T07) to TC CgspTimerNumbers for MTP2 timers specified in ITU Q.703.
2005-02-24 00:00
Added new ciscoGspIsolation notification to indicate when MTP3 node becomes isolated.
2003-07-16 00:00
Additional reason codes to the cgspLinkReason object and updated CgspSS7Variant textual convention to support NTT and TTC Japanese variants. Also, update REFERENCE clauses to indicate support for appropiate ANSI standard.
2003-03-03 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.