This MIB provides information on the IP-RAN traffic from cell site to aggreagation site in the following situations. In an GSM environment the cell site will be the Base station Transceiver System(BTS) and the aggregation site will be the Base Station Controller(BSC). In the UMTS environment the cell site will be the B-Node and the aggregation site will Radio Network Controller(RNC). There are two typical type backhaul, also know as longhaul, links. The traditional backhaul connection consists of a PPP multilink containing two or more E1 or T1 links or ATM or ATM/IMA. The alternate backhaul is traffic transported using IP cloud. Simple back-to-back configuration --------------------------------- This setup consists of two devices that support a limited number of GSM and UMTS links. They are deployed in pairs and inserted between the existing BTS device and BSC device. BTS site BSC site GSM-Abis GSM-Abis ----|||||||| Backhaul ||||||||---- ----| |---------------| |---- ----| |---------------| |---- |||||||| |||||||| RNC B-Node site RNC UMTS UMTS ----|||||||| Backhaul ||||||||---- ----| |---------------| |---- ----| |---------------| |---- |||||||| |||||||| | | |-----------------------| Alternate backhaul over IP cloud Aggregate node configuration ---------------------------- This configuration consists of one aggregate node located at BSC site and several devices at BTS sites. The aggregate device has a seperate backhaul link to each BTS site. BTS site BSC site Aggregate GSM GSM ----|||||||| Backhaul ||||||||---- ----| |---------------| |---- ----| |---------------| |---- |||||||| | | . | | . . | | . GSM . | | . ----|||||||| Backhaul | |---- ----| |---------------| |---- ----| |---------------| |---- |||||||| |||||||| RNC B-Node UMTS UMTS ----|||||||| Backhaul ||||||||---- ----| |---------------| |---- ----| |---------------| |---- |||||||| | | | Alternate | | | .... | | -------. . | | . IP . | | . Cloud.-----| | . . | | -------. . | | | ...... | | | Backhaul | | UMTS | | | ----|||||||| Backhaul | |---- ----| |---------------| |---- ----| |---------------| |---- |||||||| |||||||| Compression Multiplexing | BSC <---------->|||||||| V ||||||||<---------->BTS . GSM . | |<---->| | . GSM . . A(bis) . | |<---->| | . A(bis) . <---------->|||||||| ||||||||<----------> A A | | ShortHaul BackHaul Multiple E1/T1 Back Haul Links Entries in these tables cannot be created or deleted by the network management system. All entries are created or deleted by the agent. Shorthaul interfaces support the following protocols. Protocol ifType -------- ---------------------------- GSM-Abis propPointToPointSerial(22) UMTS-iub atm(37) UMTS/IMA atmSubInterface(134) aal5(49) ifType.44 = atmIma(107) The following list provides the currently allowed backhaul interfaces types. Additional interfaces types will be added as they are supported. ifType --------------------------- ethernetCsmacd(6) ppp(23) as Multilink bundle pppMultilinkBundle(108) In order to manage the IP-RAN optimization solution, two key factors must be monitored. The first and most important is the amount of traffic sent over the backhaul interface. The second is compression efficiency which has a direct impact amount of traffic placed backhaul link. MIB Structure ------------- The MIB has the following structure. Shorthaul information tables: cirbhInfoTable Shorthaul Alarm Information tables cirbhGsmAlarmTable cirbhUmtsConnectionTable cirbhUmtsAlarmTable Shorthaul statistics tables cirbhStatsTable cirbhErrorsTable(deprecated) cirbhShortHaulHistoryTable cirbhCongestionTable cirbhGsmErrorsTable(replaces cirbhErrorsTable) cirbhUmtsErrorsTable(replaces cirbhErrorsTable) Backhaul information tables cirbhBackHaulTable Backhaul statistics tables cirbhBackHaulHistoryTable(deprecated) cirbhBackHaulStatsTable(deprecated) cirbhBackHaulStatsHistoryTable(deprecated) Abbreviations: A-bis Interface between BSC and BTS AAL2 ATM Adaptation Layer type 2 AAL5 ATM Adaptation Layer type 5 AIM Advanced Interface Module AgNode Aggregation Node ALCAP Access Link Control Application Part AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate speech codec ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode BCH Broadcast Channel BSC Base Station Controller. BTS Base Station Transceiver System CDF CID Definition Field CID Channel IDentification CPCH Common Packet Channel DCH Dedicated Channel DSCH Downlink Shared Channel DTX Discontinuous Transmission (mechanism) FACH Forward Link Access Channel GSM Global System for Mobile communications IMA Inverse Multiplexing for ATM Iub Node B to RNC interface OC3 Optical Carrier 3 OSF OffSet Field LAPD Link Access Protocol on Dm Channel O&M Operations and Maintenance MLPPP Multi-Link PPP MS Mobile Station (Handset) NBAP Node B Application Part NNI Network to Network Interface Node-B Node B PCH Paging Channel PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit RAN Radio Access Network SVC Switched Virtual Circuit RACH Random Access Channel RNC Radio Network Controller SAR Segment Assembly Reassembly SDC Traffic Channel SDH Signaling Channel SPVC Soft Permanent Virtual Circuit SSCOP Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol STC Signaling Transport Converter STM-1 Synchronous Transport Module type 1 TRAU Transcoder Unit UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UNI User to Network Interface USCH Uplink Shared Channel UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network VCI Virtual Channel Identifier VPI Virtual Path Identifier

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The following tables, objects and notifications have been deprecated. Scalars cirbhBackHaulStatsInterval cirbhBackHaulStatsEntries cirbhBackHaulAcceptableThreshold cirbhBackHaulWarningThreshold cirbhBackHaulOverloadedThreshold cirbhBackHaulUtilInterval cirbhUtilNotifEnabled cirbhErrorsTable cirbhBackHaulTable cirbhBackHaulShortHaulTable cirbhBackHaulHistoryTable cirbhBackHaulStatsTable cirbhBackHaulStatsHistoryTable The following tables and objects have been added. cirbhInfoTable cirbhInfoAdjectSerialNum cirbhInfoAdjectVendorType cirbhInfoBackhaulRxIfIndex cirbhInfoBackhaulTxIfIndex cirbhInfoShBulkLastIndex cirbhGsmErrorsTable cirbhUmtsErrorsTable cirbhCongestionTable cirbhShortHaulBulkTable
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