The MIB module describes Cisco IMA objects. This is an extension to the standard of ATM Forum IMA version 1.1, AF-PHY-0086.001 Spec. atmfImaMib. Acronyms and terms: ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode CID Cell Identification (ICP CID) CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check DCB Data Compensation Buffer FE Far-End GSM Group State Machine HEC Header Error Check ICP IMA Control Protocol IDCR IMA Data Cell Rate IMA Inverse Multiplexing for ATM IMA ID IMA Group Identifier LID Link Identifier LIF Link Loss of IMA Frame defect LODS Link Out of Delay Synchronization defect LSI Link Stuff Indication M IMA frame size N Number of links configured in an IMA group NE Near-End OAM Operations And Maintenance SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

MIB content (50 objects)


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2003-03-26 00:00
(1) Added a new cimaFeatureTable indexed by entPhysicalIndex (2) Added following objects to cimaGroupTable: cimaGrpVerFallbackEnable cimaGrpAutoRestartMode cimaGrpRxImaIdExpected cimaGrpAutoRestartSyncState (3) Deprecated following objects: cimaGrpAlarmType cimaLinkAlarmType.
2002-05-02 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.