The MIB module for IGMP Snooping feature. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is the protocol used by IPv4 end hosts to indicate their interest in receiving multicast traffic for certain multicast groups to neighboring multicast routers. Version 3 of IGMP adds support for source based filtering; which means the end hosts can specifically indicate to receive or not-receive multicast packets from specific source addresses. This information is used by the multicast routers to restrict forwarding of multicast traffic for the host. IGMP Snooping is a switch protocol. A switch that implements IGMP Snooping listens to the IGMP messages exchanged between the hosts and router, then provides selective transmission of multicast traffic based on multicast mac destination address or multicast group address. With IGMPv3 support, IGMP Snooping can potentially provide selective transmission of multicast data based on (source address, group address) onto the ports that are interested. In addition to this, IGMP Snooping can also provide proxy reporting, report suppression and fast leave capabilities.

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2010-06-08 00:00
Added support for the following: - cisLeaveQueryConfigGroup - cisQuerierGlobalConfigGroup - cisIgmpQuerierConfigExtGroup - cisRobustnessConfigGroup - cisTimeToLiveConfigGroup - cisRouterAlertConfigGroup - cisVlanExplicitTrackingCfgGroup - cisIfLimitGroup - cisIfLimitTotalGroup - cisIfAccessGroupGroup - cisVlanFilterConfigGroup - cisFilterStatisticsGroup - cisMulticastGroupPortInfoGroup - cisMulticastGroupConfigGroup - cisQuerierGlobalTcnQueryCountGroup - cisQuerierTcnQueryPendingGroup Deprecated cisMcastRouterConfigGroup and replaced it with cisMulticastRouterConfigGroup. Deprecated cisMcastGroupInfoGroup and replaced it with cisMulticastGroupInfoGroup. Updated DESCRIPTION of cisL2EntryLimit, cisEntryTrackingLimit, cisSourceOnlyPercentageScanLimit and cisSourceOnlyLearningLimit to include the meaning of value zero. Revised the DESCRIPTION of cisVlanConfigEntry and cisIgmpQuerierEntry.
2007-11-08 00:00
Added value 'unknown(4)' to CisIgmpVersion. Added support for the following: - cisL2EntryLimitGroup - cisTrackingLimitGroup - cisSourceOnlyLimitGroup - cisRateLimitGroup2 - cisVlanConfigGroup2 - cisSourceOnlyAgeTimerInSecGroup. Deprecated cisRateLimitGroup, cisGlobalSourceOnlyLearnGroup.
2004-04-02 00:00
Replaced the import of PortList from Q-BRIDGE-MIB with CiscoPortList from CISCO-TC.
2003-03-24 00:00
Add support for the following: - per VLAN IGMP Snooping configuration and group membership information - per port IGMP Snooping configuration - per VLAN IGMP Querier configuration - global rate-limit control objects - extend the cisSystemInfo to include more IGMP Snooping configuration related objects.
2002-05-05 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.