This MIB contains managed object definitions for encapsulating TDM (T1,E1, T3, E3, NxDS0) as pseudo-wires over packet-switching networks (PSN). This MIB supplements the CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB. The CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB contains structures and MIB associations generic to Pseudo-Wire (PW) emulation. PW-specific MIBs (such as this) contain config and stats for specific PW types.

MIB content (80 objects)


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2006-07-21 00:00
Cisco'ized the IETF draft: draft-ietf-pwe3-tdm-mib-05.txt 1-Align object names with CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB and CISCO-IETF-PW-TC-MIB 2-Used cpwVcType instead of pwType 3-Used cpwVcTable instead of pwTable
2006-03-01 00:00
Changes since last draft: 1-Remove Vc from all objects 2-Move MIB root to transmission 3-Change default of pwCTDMCfgSetUp2SynchTimeOut to 5000ms 4-Change PM running counters to daily intervals 5-Enhance description of pwCTDMCfgPktReplacePolicy 6-Enhance description of ES, SES, and UAS 7-Aligned objects with other PW MIBs
2005-10-23 00:00
Changes since last draft: 1-Align object names with CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB and PW-TC-STD-MIB 2-clean up some text 3-pwCTDMCfgIndexNext SYNTAX was changed to TestAndIncr 4-Add explanation to descriptions of few objects 5-Performance objecs were modified to better represent their counts and type
2005-07-12 00:00
Changes since last draft: 1-Merged all configurable objects from Satop MIB with objects of pwCTDMCfgTable in this MIB module. 2-pwCTDMCfgJtrBfrDepth-changed units to microsec. 3-pwCTDMAvePktLossTimeWindow moved to the pwCTDMCfgTable. 4-In pwCTDMCfgConfErr, the enum(1)was renamed to PayloadSize. 5-Renamed pwCSatopCfgConsecPktsLoss2Normal and pwCSatopCfgConsecMissPktNorma2Loss to pwCTDMCfgConsecPktsInSynch and to pwCTDMCfgConsecMissPktsOutSynch respectively.
2004-04-20 00:00
Initial version, published as draft-ietf-pwe3-TDM-mib-00.txt