The MIB module provides a means to monitor and configure the Cisco IOS proprietary Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). Cisco HSRP protocol is defined in RFC2281. Terminology: HSRP is a protocol used amoung a group of routers for the purpose of selecting an 'active router' and a 'standby router'. An 'active router' is the router of choice for routing packets. A 'standby router' is a router that takes over the routing duties when an active router fails, or when preset conditions have been met. An 'HSRP group' or a 'standby group' is a set of routers which communicate using HSRP. An HSRP group has a group MAC address and a group Virtual IP address. These are the designated addresses. The active router assumes (i.e. inherits) these group addresses. 'Hello' messages are sent to indicate that a router is running and is capable of becoming the active or standby router. 'Hellotime' is the interval between successive HSRP Hello messages from a given router. 'Holdtime' is the interval between the receipt of a Hello message and the presumption that the sending router has failed.

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2010-09-06 00:00
The following changes have been made. [1] Objects cHsrpGrpIpNone has been added to the cHsrpGrpTable. [2] Added new object group cHsrpGrpGroupSup [3] Added new compliance cHsrpComplianceRev2, which deprecates cHsrpComplianceRev1.
2005-12-20 00:00
Deprecated cHsrpCompliance and added cHsrpComplianceRev1 to include cHsrpNotificationsGroup; Updated the imports such that Unsigned32 is imported from SNMPv2-SMI instead of CISCO-TC, and other clean-up.
1998-08-03 00:00
Initial version of this MIB.