The MIB defines objects related to global keepalive properties in GSLB devices. It contains the tables for keep alive configuration and statistics. It also defines related notifications. Acronyms and their description: Keepalive : Keepalive is a method by which the GSLB device periodically checks to see if a resource associated with an answer is still active. The action of checking is known as a keepalive probe. Shared -keepalive : The GSLB device supports the use of shared keepalives to minimize traffic between the GSLB device and the SLBs(Server Load Balancing) that it is monitoring. A shared keepalive identifies a common IP address or resource that provides status for multiple answers. Shared keepalives periodically provide state information (online, offline) of the resources to the GSLB device. VIP : Virtual IP Addresses are used by SLBs to represent content hosted on one or more servers under their control. The use of VIPs is to route content to the proper requesting host without exposing the device's internal IP address. CAPP : Content Application Peering Protocol(CAPP) is a protocol used for intercommunication between content switching devices. Answer : Refers to resources to which the GSLB device resolves DNS requests that it receives. There are three possible types of answers: Virtual IP (VIP) : Addresses associated with a SLB, a web server, a cache, etc. Name Server (NS) : Configured DNS name server on the network that can answer queries that the GSLB device can not resolve. Content Routing : A device which uses a Agent (CRA) resolution process called DNS race to send identical and simultaneous responses back to client D-proxy for proximity determination. HTTPHEAD : The HTTP HEAD keepalive type sends a TCP format HTTP HEAD request to a web server at an address you specify, returning the online status of the device (in the form of a 200 response) as well as information on the web page status and content size.

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2007-04-09 00:00
-Added the following objects to ciscoGslbGeneralConfigGroup: cghMonDroppedKalNotifs cghMonKalTrapRateLimit -Added a new group ciscoGslbGeneralConfigRateLimitGroup.
2006-12-04 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.