This MIB module manages the Quality of Service parameters of GGSN in a GPRS system. GGSN is the Gateway GPRS Support Node in the GPRS architecture. It provides interworking of GPRS network with external packet-switched networks - PDNs or other data networks. The following diagram illustrates a simplified GPRS logical architecture with the name of inter-node interface: +---------------------------------------------+ | +======+ a PLMN | | | SGSN | | | +======+ | | | | | Gn | | | | |+====+ +====+ +=====+ +======+ +======+ | +===+ || TE |-R-| MT |-| BSS |-| SGSN |-Gn-| GGSN |-|-Gi-|PDN| |+====+ +====+ +=====+ +======+ +======+ | +===+ | | | | | | +----------------------------------------|----+ Gp | +-----------------------------+ | +====+ +=====+ +======+ | | | MS |---| BSS |---| SGSN | | | +====+ +=====+ +======+ | | | | other PLMN | +-----------------------------+ A PDP Context is an information set maintained by MS and GSNs which describes the mobile wireless service call or session. Three types of QoS mapping method are supported on GGSN: canonical, delay and UMTS. Canonical QoS mapping consists of Best Effort, Normal and Premium QoS classes. Delay QoS mapping consists of four classes: delay1, delay2, delay3 and delay-besteffort. UMTS QoS has the following traffic classes: signalling, conversational, streaming, interactive and background. UMTS QoS is based on differentiated services network model. A QoS Profile is associated with each PDP context which defines multiple attributes like precedence, delay, reliability, peak throughput, mean throughput and traffic class. Based on the precedence, delay and mean throughput an user is classified into different canonical and delay QoS classes . Based on delay, jitter, bandwidth and reliability user is classified into the UMTS traffic classes. In GGSN, the QoS remapping mechanism is that, for uplink traffic, the GGSN remaps the TOS in the user traffic before forwarding the packet to the Gi interface and for downlink traffic, the GGSN will only setup the TOS for the IP header for the Tunnel, not the IP header for user traffic. Traffic from MS to PDN is considered as uplink and the reverse is considered as downlink traffic. Acronyms and terms: APN Access Point Name BSS Base Station System ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute DS Differentiated Service DSCP DS Code Point GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node GPRS General Packet Radio Service GSM Global System for Mobile communication GSN GPRS Support Node G-PDU GTP PDU MS Mobile Station MT Mobile Terminal PDN Packet Data Network PDP Packet Data Protocol PDU Protocol Data Unit PHB Per-hop Behavior PLMN Public Land Mobile Network SGSN Serving GPRS support Node TE Terminal Equipment T-PDU the payload of G-PDU UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem GBR Guaranteed Bit Rate MBR Maximum Bit Rate CAC Call Admission Control QOS Quality Of Service REFERENCE [1] GSM 03.60: Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); Service description; Stage 2. V7.1.0 [2] GSM 09.60: Digital cellular telecommunication system (Phase 2+); General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) across Gn and Gp Interface. V7.3.0 [3] 3GPP; Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects; QoS Concept and Architecture. 3G TS 23.107 v3.2.0. [4] 3GPP; Technical Specification Group Core Network; General Packet Radio Service(GPRS); GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) across Gn and Gp Interface (Release 1999). 3G TS 29.060 v3.5.0. [5] 3GPP; Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects; General Packet Radio Service(GPRS); Service description; Stage 2 (Release 1999) 3G TS 23.060 v3.3.1.

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Added the enumeration 'umts' to cggsnQosMappingMethod. Added the following objects: cggsnQosUmtsTrafficClass, cggsnQosUmtsDiffServPhbgroup, cggsnQosUmtsPdps, cggsnQosDiffServPhb, cggsnQosDscp and cggsnQosUmtsDscpUnmodified.
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