The MIB module for managing Cisco medianet flow metadata. Metadata, in the simplest form, is data that qualifies other data. Flow metadata is data that describes a flow in the network. Metadata plays an important role in providing a framework, that makes data from one component available to another component on the same network element as well as across other network elements. MIB Table Overview: =================== This MIB consists of two tables: 1) cfmMetadataFlowTable 2) cfmMetadataFlowAttrTable cfmMetadataFlowTable provides the details about the six tuple which can uniquely identify a network traffic flow. cfmMetadataFlowAttrTable will specify flow attributes carried in the metadata flow. Flow attribute values are represented in 'Type-Value' format. cfmMetadataFlowAttrType - Represent the type of flow attribute. cfmMetadataFlowAttrValue - Represent corresponding flow attribute value. cfmMetadataFlowTable and cfmMetadataFlowAttrTable are linked together using flow ID which will map respective metadata flow attributes with the corresponding flow key.

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2012-12-20 00:00
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2012-12-17 00:00
Deprecated CfmMetadataFlowAttrType cfmMetadataFlowAttributeTable as coupled to transport protocol. Added cfmMetadataFlowAllAttrTable decoupling it from transport protocol.
2011-03-20 00:00
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