This MIB provides for the management of Cisco Flash Devices.

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Cisco Systems, Inc.
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2005-06-01 00:00
Added ciscoFlashFileDate to ciscoFlashFileTable Added ciscoFlashCopyRemotePassword to ciscoFlashCopyTable. Added following enumerations to ciscoFlashCopyProtocol - ftp, scp, sftp.
2005-01-28 00:00
Added a new status copyOperationPending(0) to object ciscoFlashCopyStatus.
2004-03-18 00:00
The object ciscoFlashCopyServerAddress is deprecated since it supports only IPv4 address. Two new objects ciscoFlashCopyServerAddrRev1 ciscoFlashCopyServerAddrType are defined.
2003-04-23 00:00
Added ciscoFlashDeviceNameExtended to support upto 255 characters in flash device name. Deprecated ciscoFlashDeviceName.
2003-01-31 12:34
Add ciscoFlashCopyVerify object to CiscoFlashCopyEntry, & ciscoFlashCopyOpGroup. Fix scalability problem for the following tables and MIB objects: ciscoFlashDevicesSupported, ciscoFlashDeviceTable, ciscoFlashPhyEntIndex (added), ciscoFlashPartitionTable and ciscoFlashFileTable.
2002-04-01 00:00
Added Notifications ciscoFlashDeviceInsertedNotif and ciscoFlashDeviceRemovedNotif. Deprecated the ciscoFlashDeviceChangeTrap. Added Scalars ciscoFlashCfgDevInsNotifEnable and ciscoFlashCfgDevRemNotifEnable to control the above notifications.
2002-01-25 00:00
Added object ciscoFlashFileType to ciscoFlashFileTable and added FlashFileType as a TEXTUAL-CONVENTION.
2002-01-22 00:00
Fixing several problems with the previous version of the MIB: o Changing MAX-ACCESS of ciscoFlashDeviceIndex back to 'not-accessible'. The change described below in REVISION '200102211234Z' was not legal. o Changing the definition of the ciscoFlashDeviceChangeTrap notification. The original definition of this notification include a 'not-accessible' object (ciscoFlashDeviceIndex). It will instead include the following objects: ciscoFlashDeviceMinPartitionSize ciscoFlashDeviceName Instances of these object will carry the value of ciscoFlashDeviceIndex implicitly in their object identifiers. This change is being made without deprecation of the notification and has the potential to cause problems with existing implementations of the notification on the agent and the manager. o Past versions of the MIB have had a incorrectly formatted REVISION/DESCRIPTION section. That will be corrected in this REVISION. o Past versions of the MIB have not defined a NOTIFICATION-GROUP for the notifications defined by this MIB. That will be corrected in this REVISION by adding ciscoFlashNotifGroup. This group will be considered optional for implementation. o Gratuitous ranges specified in Entry definitions have been removed.
2001-02-21 12:34
Change MAX-ACCESS of CiscoFlashDeviceIndex from not-accessible to accessible-to-notfiy
1998-08-27 00:00
Change ciscoFlashChipCode to match implementation, and remove FlashChipCode as a TEXTUAL-CONVENTION.
1996-04-17 00:00
Add enumerations to objects in ciscoFlashMiscOpTable to support formatting of flash devices.
1995-10-18 00:00
Add enumerations to a couple objects, and clarify several object DESCRIPTIONs.
1995-08-15 00:00
Specify a correct (non-negative) range for several index objects.
1995-04-29 00:00
Miscellaneous updates, including updated description of ciscoFlashDeviceCard object.
1995-01-13 00:00
Initial version of Flash operations MIB module.