This is the FICON (FIber CONnection) MIB module. FICON is an IBM standard of transport mechanism for communication between the mainframes and devices and is a major consideration for enterprise data centers. The Cisco MDS Storage Area Network (SAN) switches provide the functionality of a FICON Director to the customers.

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2006-04-07 00:00
Changed DESCRIPTION of cficonDefaultPortBlock.
2006-03-14 00:00
Added cficonDefaultPortBlock. Added cficonDefaultPortBlockGroup. Added ciscoFiconComplianceRev3. Added ciscoFiconGlobal.
2005-10-21 00:00
Added cficonInterfaceSwapTable.
2005-10-06 00:00
Added cficonPortMapTable, cficonPortMapMax, cficonSlotPortNumTable and cficonLogicReservedPN for FICON port-numbering scheme. Added cficonRlirErlTable.
2005-06-01 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.