This MIB module provides the ability for a Network Management Station (NMS) to configure and monitor the error-disable feature via SNMP. The error-disable feature allows other software features running in a system to operationally disable a system entity upon detecting abnormal conditions. Examples of such a system entity include interfaces, a vlan configured in the system, or a VLAN allowed on specific layer 2 multi-vlan interface. More specific examples: a) When BPDU guard is enabled on an interface it is expected that no BPDU packets are received by the interface. If a BPDU packet is received, then the BPDU guard will operationally disable the interface. b) Users can configure a particular threshold of broadcast packets received on an interface. If the number of packets received exceeds the threshold, then storm-control will disable the interface. c) When unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD) detects a unidirectional link on an interface, it can disable the interface. d) On a trunk or a multi-vlan layer 2 port, if port-security detects violation on a particular vlan, then it can operationally disable that vlan on that port. The definition of 'abnormal condition' is under the control of features that make use of the error-disable feature to disable system entities. The error-disable feature supports the following configuration: 1) Whether software features can in fact use the error-disable feature upon detecting abnormal conditions. NOTE: Some software features will ALWAYS use the error-disable feature to disable entities upon detection of error. 2) Whether the system can attempt to automatically recover after a system entity has been disabled (e.g., A system can attempt to bring up a physical interface which had been disabled earlier) 3) If error recovery is possible, then the time interval to wait before the system starts the recovery attempt.

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