This MIB module defines managed objects that facilitate to monitor performance of any physical entity, which are listed in the ENTITY-MIB (RFC 4133) entPhysicalTable. The performance monitoring includes utilization, input/output packet/byte rates, etc. This monitoring is through the measurement periods of current, 1-minute, 5-minutes, 15-minutes. The performance data calculation method would vary for each entity for a specific interval, hence users of this MIB should obtain the information using the object cepStatsAlgorithm for a specific interval. The performance statistics can be accumulated for the 1-minute, 5-minutes and 15-minutes (recommended) intervals. At any one time, an agent maintains one current (incomplete) interval for each interval type and up to 96 completed interval number. Fewer than 96 interval number of data will be available if the agent has been restarted within the last 24 hours for 15 minutes interval, 8 hours for 5 minutes interval, and 1.36 hours for 1 minute interval. There is no requirement for an agent to ensure fixed relationship between the start of a one/five/fifteen minute intervals and wall clock, however some agents may align the fifteen minutes interval with quarter hours. The following terminologies apply within the scope of this MIB. o entity - Any physical entity which can support performance monitoring as specified in this MIB o Utilization - The ratio of current usage to the maximum capacity the entity can handle o Input - Communication channel where packets arrive on the entity o Output - Communication channel where packets leave the entity Acronyms ======== SMA - Simple Moving Average

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2014-06-18 00:00
Added the following objects to the MIB. cepThroughputLicensedBW, cepThroughputLevel, cepThroughputInterval, cepThroughputThreshold, cepThroughputAvgRate to cepThroughputTable. Added cepThroughputNotifEnabled to ciscoEntityPerformanceMIBNotifObjects group. Added cepThroughputNotif as a new notification to the MIB. Added a new MIB conform group, ciscoEntityPerformanceMIBThroughputGroup for the new objects. Also modified the ciscoEntityPerformanceMIBCompliance to add the new group ciscoEntityPerformanceMIBThroughputGroup.
2010-09-09 00:00
The initial version of this MIB module.