This MIB module defines the managed objects that describe the online diagnostics capabilities supported by the physical entities contained by the system, including chassis, modules, ports, power supplies, fans, and sensors. In order to manage the online diagnostic capabilities supported by a physical entity, it must be represented by a conceptual row in the entPhysicalTable of the ENTITY-MIB (RFC-2737). GLOSSARY Boot-up Diagnostic - a diagnostic consisting of tests intended to be executed in a reasonable timeframe when a physical entity boots. Diagnostic - a suite of tests intended to exercise the functional integrity of a physical entity. Diagnostic Level - the degree of completeness that a diagnostic will exercise a physical entity. Field Diagnostic - a special suite of tests intended to exercise the functional integrity of a physical entity in a manner that is possible when a physical entity is operational or running an operational image. Field Diagnostic Image - an image supporting field diagnostics. A physical entity has to be loaded with a field diagnostic image before field diagnostics can be executed on the physical entity. Health Monitoring - the process of running special non-intrusive online tests periodically on a physical entity for the purpose of tracking the overall condition of a physical entity. On-Demand Diagnostic - a diagnostic intended to be executed immediately upon request. Offline Diagnostic - a diagnostic that consists of tests that are disruptive in nature, and thus requires the physical entity being evaluated to be taken offline for the duration. Online Diagnostic - a diagnostic that consists of tests that are not disruptive in nature, and thus can be done without taking the physical entity offline. Physical Entity - an identifiable physical resource, such as a chassis, line card, power supply, or communication port. See RFC-2737, 'Entity MIB (Version 2)', K. McCloghrie and A. Bierman. Scheduled Diagnostic - a diagnostic intended to execute at some time in the future. There exist two types of scheduled diagnostics: 1) one-shot, which execute only once; and 2) periodic, which executes at a specific interval. Test - an exercise intended to determine the functional integrity of a component comprising a physical entity (e.g., a port might support an internal loopback test). Diagnostic Job - Consists of a diagnostic suite (i.e., a collection of tests) to be executed by a physical entity.

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2016-03-11 00:00
Added one new enumaration value disruptive(15) to ceDiagTestAttributes
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Added ceDiagHMTestThreshWindowGroup.
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Added ceDiagTestPerfLastTestMethodGroup. Updated Description of ceDiagTestPerfLastErrorID object.
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