The Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is a scalable robust and secure reporting solution for contact center applications. The CUIC application can be deployed on multiple servers that form a cluster, where each server hosts a reporting engine. The CISCO-CUICAPPS-MIB defines objects that describe instrumentation implemented by the components comprising CUIC. DEFINITION OF TERMS AND ACRONYMS CUIC Cisco Unified Intelligence Center cluster A group of CUIC servers deployed and associated to form high availability model. sub system A subsystem is a coherent and somewhat independent component of a larger system. Service A functional component of the CUIC application publisher A server in a CUIC cluster which provides administration facility. first node Publisher node is alternatively referred as first node. Connector A CUIC Tomcat Connector represents an endpoint that receives requests and sends responses. The Connector handles HTTP/HTTPS requests and sends HTTP/HTTPS responses that occur when CUIC - related web pages are accessed. data source Data source is a connection to a database server.

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