Configuration management MIB. The MIB represents a model of configuration data that exists in various locations: running in use by the running system terminal saved to whatever is attached as the terminal local saved locally in NVRAM or flash remote saved to some server on the network Although some of the system functions that relate here can be used for general file storage and transfer, this MIB intends to include only such operations as clearly relate to configuration. Its primary emphasis is to track changes and saves of the running configuration. As saved data moves further from startup use, such as into different local flash files or onto the network, tracking becomes difficult to impossible, so the MIB's interest and functions are confined in that area. Information from ccmCLIHistoryCommandTable can be used to track the exact configuration changes that took place within a particular Configuration History event. NMS' can use this information to update the related components. For example: If commands related only to MPLS are entered then the NMS need to update only the MPLS related management information rather than updating all of its management information. Acronyms and terms: CLI Command Line Interface.

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2007-04-27 00:00
Changes to definition of terminal as an output location.
2006-08-17 00:00
Added a new group of objects to store the information related to the Config Change Tracking ID (CTID) feature. CTID will provide a version number that is unique for version-incrementing changes to the IOS running-configuration. It will also provide information about when CTID last changed. Added scalars: * ccmCTID * ccmCTIDLastChangeTime * ccmCTIDWhoChanged * ccmCTIDRolledOverNotifEnable Added Notification: * ccmCTIDRolledOver Added Object Group: * ciscoConfigManCTIDObjectGroup Added Notification Group: * ciscoConfigManCTIDNotifyGroup Added Compliance: ciscoConfigManMIBComplianceRev4
2004-06-18 00:00
The Objects ccmHistoryEventCommandSourceAddress and ccmHistoryEventServerAddress are deprecated since they support only IPv4 address. These objects have been replaced by two new objects ccmHistoryEventCommandSourceAddrRev1 and ccmHistoryEventServerAddrRev1. In addition to these objects two more new objects are defined ccmHistoryEventCommandSourceAddrType and ccmHistoryEventServerAddrType
2002-06-07 00:00
Added new enumerations networkFtp(8) and networkScp(9) to HistoryEventMedium.
2002-03-12 00:00
Added ccmCLIHistoryCommandTable for storing the CLI commands that took effect during a configuration event. Added scalars ccmCLIHistoryMaxCmdEntries ccmCLIHistoryCmdEntries and ccmCLIHistoryCmdEntriesAllowed. Added ccmHistoryCLICmdEntriesBumped to ccmHistoryEventTable to store the number of corresponding bumped entries in the ccmCLIHistoryCommandTable. Added the ccmCLIRunningConfigChanged notification. Added ccmCLICfgRunConfNotifEnable to control the ccmCLIRunningConfigChanged notification. Added notification group ciscoConfigManHistNotifyGroup. Updated the MIB description to indicate the use of the above additions.
1995-11-28 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.