This is the MIB module for objects used to manage the cisco TCP/IP stack running on the Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection (CMCC) board. The First application to use this stack is the IBM TCP-Offload feature. The main idea with this application is to replace the TCP/IP stack on the IBM host with a protocol requiring lower host CPU utilization, and have the TCP/IP processing done on the router. There are multiple sets of MIB-II statistics stored by the TCP/IP implementation. Each instance of the MIB-II objects corresponds to an instantiation of the TCP/IP stack which is based on the IP address of the stack. The IP routing table is not supported here.

MIB content (87 objects)


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1998-01-06 00:00
With the addition of Cisco's new Channel Port Adapter cards, all the references to CIP in the MIB description and object descriptions are changed to CMCC (Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection). The object names in the form of cip... or cipCard... will remain the same, but will be valid objects for the Channel Port Adapter cards.
1995-08-21 00:00
[Revision added by libsmi due to a LAST-UPDATED clause.]
1995-08-21 00:00
Minor cleanup to pacify mib compiler.
1995-04-28 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.