This is the Management Information Base (MIB) module for objects used to manage the Cisco Multi-Path Channel (MPC) support on Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection (CMCC) cards, also called the CMPC feature. ------------------------------------------------- | Acronym Definitions: | | CIP = Channel Interface Processor | | CMPC = Cisco Multi-Path Channel | | HPR = High Performance Routing | | HPDT = High Performance Data Transfer | | ISR = Intermediate Session Routing | | MPC = Multi-Path Channel | | MPC+ = HPDT MPC | | SNA = Systems Network Architecture | | TG = Transmission Group | ------------------------------------------------- This MIB consists of the following tables: 1) CMPC Subchannel Administration 2) CMPC Subchannel Operational 3) CMPC TG Statistics Refer to the following MIBs for an understanding of Cisco channel terminology and Cisco CMCC terminology: CISCO-CHANNEL-MIB CISCO-CIPCSNA-MIB CISCO-CIPLAN-MIB CISCO-CIPTG-MIB

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1999-01-25 00:00
Since the CMCC now supports MPC and MPC+, the new state, activePlus, was added to cipCmpcSubChannelOperState to indicate the TG is active and using the MPC+ protocol.
1998-01-06 00:00
With the addition of Cisco's new Channel Port Adapter cards, all the references to CIP in the MIB description and object descriptions are changed to CMCC (Cisco Mainframe Channel Connection). The object names in the form of cip... or cipCard... will remain the same, but will be valid objects for the Channel Port Adapter cards.
1997-02-09 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.